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Originally Posted by zelda_pinwheel View Post

1. epub files must be valid (html tidy, epub check...) and conform to best practices.

2. the editor should be able to accept multiple html / xhtml flows and create one document with a hierarchical TOC. It should also be able to accept one html flow and semantically parse the hierarchy of the document (part, chapter, section...) according to the tags used (h1, h2, h3, etc.), creating logical divisions for a properly structured epub document and a hierarchical TOC, the way that feedbooks does.

3. It should be able to handle images and relatively advanced css markup (dropcaps, for instance).

4. Ideally, it should be accessible even to users with no knowledge of html / css code with a full wysiwyg UI, although advanced options should be available if you do know the code (direct code editing should be possible), again similar to the feedbooks interface.

I'll probably have more to add later but i've got to go for the moment, so i'll stop here and open the discussion. What do you want from an editor ? i'll be looking forward to seeing what comes out of this !
It must be very interesting (and relatively hard ) to write a small XHTLM editor with basic functions. I think about something like the interface used for writing the messages in this forum or like that : To be sure to be complient with XHTML format, the source code should not be shown/editable to/by the user. Zelda, do you think that a thing like that, integrated in an ePub generator tool, can be useful ?

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