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Kindlegen warning about css

We generate mobi, epub, straight html , etc from xml source.

WE use a base.css file for all our targets, and for our mobi targets an additional mobi.css file is used to override some of the base css settings and add additional css settings that the kindle needs to format the text correctly.

I am getting a warning from kindlegen

[exec] Warning(htmlprocessor):W28003: Value specified for CSS property in content is not supported by Kindle readers. Please refer Kindle Publishing Guidelines about usage of property: 'position: absolute' in file:.....
referring to a css tag in the base css file that uses the position attribute. This class is overridden in the mobi.css file yet kindlegen still spits out a useless warning.

I have to have the position attribute for targets that support it, and we downgrade the look and feel of the document in mobi because it doesn't support that.

I hate useless warnings in the build process because they can mask real problems.

Is there anyway to tell kindlegen to not generate this warning?

thanks, Scott
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