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Please help KDP site preview vs Kindle Comic Creator differences

Hi, a graphic designer/writer new to ebooks with 5 q's. (Seems a lot more involved from the length of this than it is, expertise please!)

***We’ve produced comics via comic creator by plasq. We then export them as epubs. When we open them in Kindle Comic Creator all is as it should be—none of the following such issues when viewing in KCC (used to make the MOBI files).***

1) When we view our mobi file on the KDP site, we see the cover twice (location 1 and 2).
a. Our mobi file does NOT contain the cover (we upload it as a separate jpg as per the “add content” page).

2) Our first page. page-1, though present in KCC, does not appear when we view the uploaded mobi file on the KDP site previewer. We found 2 ways around this but even with our “corrections” a problem remains with Page-1 because the mobi file (when we look at it in the desktop finder folder it is in), is blank/doesn’t have an image. We’ve “corrected” just the missing Page-1 page by:

a) Going back to Comic Creator, duplicating Page-1, exporting it as an epub and opening it in KCC (where we now see two duplicate Page-1s). We then export it via KCC to get that mobi file and upload that mobi file to the KDP site. Now the KDP-site previewer shows 2 covers and Page 1.
-Though this gets the Page-1 to show (location 3), we are concerned if downloaded people will see duplicate page-1s and the cover is still appearing twice.

b) Going back to Comic Creator by plasq and rather than double page-1, we’ve inserted the cover ahead of page 1 (so the first page of the exported epub is the actual cover). We then open the epub in KCC (all looks just as it had in Comic Creator by plasq) and export it to get that mobi file. When we view the mobi file on the KDP site, we get the same thing as before: 2 covers and Page 1…
-We only tried this AFTER noticing page 1 was missing in the site-previewer, we did not compose most mobi files this way so this can’t be why the cover appears 2x.

3) When we upload our ebooks as MOBI files made by KCC, there is no option to view them in the phone device on the KDP-site launch preview.

**4) Uploading files as EPUBSs allows us to view them in the “phone” device. However, when we upload the epub files (rather than convert to mobi), and preview the book on the KDP site, the images (other than the cover) look too small/have large white borders in all devices BUT the PHONE device. (They still have borders, but the images are fairly centered and look ok.) Again, the epub looks great in our KCC (pictures go to the proper edges, no huge white spaces. etc).

*The page/image dimensions are the same for our epub and mobi files (we used these epubs to make the mobi files (which, on the KDP-site preview don’t have the border issues but lack the phone device).

5) We downloaded Kindle Previewer 3. No matter what, it fails to open our books. We tried opening the books after downloading them from the KDP site and we tried opening the books we uploaded, and though the xcel log says: "book conversion successful," Kindle Previewer 3 fails to open any of our files. We get a yellow exclamation point warning and it fails to open any files.
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