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Quoth, why do you think that KindleGen is not a good validation tool to produce a mobi? The epubs I made in Jutoh are without errors, but when I check it with epubcheck in Sigil they tend to be full of warnings. Maybe it’s Sigil’s bugs, who knows?

Of course I use styles religiously for hierarchical headings and for absolutely everything else. But I found that using Libreoffice for style formatting is ... painful. I have sometimes spent a whole day manually removing direct ad hoc formatting from some complex and long texts, before i found Atlantis word processor, Jutoh and Sigil. Same with bookmarks, toc creation, links ... There are much easier softwares that automate a lot of these tedious manual tasks, find errors, optimize the output for different destinations and much more.

Sure, simple novels are easy enough to do in a word processor. But any complex non-fiction, I don't think so. Same with font embedding and subsetting, any decorative elements, svg images, complex typography ... But maybe I'm just over-complicating.

For print, I agree, you cannot use print to make an ebook. But I found, vice versa it’s easier: i.e. if you already have a very clean ebook, it’s easy to use that to then modify or add print-specific elements in a desktop publishing software like Scribus or VivaDesigner (or InDesign). Print is its own, completely different, animal.

I’m sure with your experience you have a very efficient and streamlined workflow. I am still flailing around to find out what works for me.
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