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Uploading a dual mobi format


Somewhere on this forum I read that if you upload to KDP a KPF file made with Kindle Create or with Kindle Previewer 3, the customers who have older KF8 devices (which are not enhanced-typesetting enabled) will receive just the old KF7 version and not the better KF8 version.

So the workaround would be to instead upload an EPUB, formatted for kf8 and kf7, and tested for enhanced typesetting compatibility.

My question is: would that work also if I upload a mobi instead, made with Kindlegen?

So the workflow would be:
1 making an epub in Sigil, with media queries for kf8 and kf7
2 testing this epub in Kindle Previewer to see if it enables Enhanced typesetting (but not converting it to kpf)
3 converting the epub from step 1 to a mobi with kindlegen using the command line
4 uploading that mobi to KDP
5 ideally, customers would receive a KF7, a KF8 or a KFX, depending on their device.

Would this work? Thank you.
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