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KT2 with 5.12.2 serial jailbreaking and adding wifi networking

First of all thank you all of those who have posted here, it helped me do some wicked stuff with my kindle touch

Right now I have opened kindle (it was more trouble than I thought) connected the wires (with a helping hand, soldering with my flat as hammer tip almost ruined the connections) and have been able to minicom into my kindle

My serial number is 90C6 0706 5425 03SK

I had some trouble along the way, first of all, going into diags mode was a bit different than in the "for dummies" thread.

1. I head to first stop autoboot
2. Enter the bootm 0xE41000
3. Do NOT press anything until it stops showing characters on the screen (and do NOT go into recovery mode)
4. The last thing I saw was sock_init 1888
5. Enter exit login
6. Try to login using root and the password generated from python script that is in the mentioned thread <--- didn't work (AFAIR based on the serial it should have been fiona7e4)
7. Log into framework with mario password.
8. Get /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow
9. Do the John the Ripper and findout that the password for root is .... mario

I am 90% sure this Kindle Touch wasn't jailbroken previously (I bought it second hand, so no 100%, but I didn't see any signs of tinkering in the hardware).

Points 4-9 was in threads I found of the forum, it was very helpful, but I wonder if it shouldn't be in the serial jailbreaking for dummies? Looks like those problems are more prominent recently (based on posts I saw).

And now the issue I have. What I want from my kindle is to be able to ssh into it without any cables - so WIFI.

How do I apply the USBNetwork hack without having the touchscreen? Remember I have my kindle on the table, the touchscreen is separated from it because I have serial cables running to the back of it.

All posts I saw write about entering some magic combo into the search menu on the kindle, but I don't have a way of doing that as long as I have the kindle opened.

Can I apply USBNetwork hack without jailbreaking? If so, then which jailbreaking method should I use? I downloaded one file (kindle-jb-factory-1.3-r16160.tar.xz) but it doesn't have the script.
The README mentions that I should:
Copy main-htmlviewer.tar.gz to the Kindle root directory. (i.e., /mnt/us)
In the search bar, type ;installHtml and press return.
(BTW. mounting /mnt/us doesn't work if one wants to access the FS with books, one has to mount /dev/loop/0 AFAIR).

But again, remember, I don't have access to the touchscreen, so how do people apply the jailbreak now when kindle is dissembled and without the touchscreen?

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