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How dead is my PRS-600?

Hello again - the site has just informed that last time I have been here was eight years ago

At the time I was using PRS-500, which died long time ago, so when I saw a PRS-600 at a local flea market for peanuts, I picked it up out of sentiment, even though I had not much hope to get it running.

Here is what the problem with it seems to be: when I bought it, the battery was empty for months I guess. The screen looked OK - it displayed a page from some book (no low battery warning though, which my PRS-500 displayed died with when out of juice). However, when I have charged it, it seems that only one corner of the screen refreshes and even then only with some weird lines - only the battery indicator seems to display OK.

My question is: is it likely for the screen to be damaged, even though the last display was OK? Or maybe is it some early e-ink weirdness that can be somehow rectified?
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