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Kindle 3 advice/help

I have a frozen/bricked Kindle 3 i need advice/help with.
This seemed like the place where all the smart kids hang out so here goes:

I got hold of a K3 that was supposedly bricked after an update.
At first it only responded to factory reset but after toying around with it (charging, connecting to a PC) it doesn't even do that.
Right now it's frozen on the main screen (boy under the tree, no progress bar).
When switched on, the LED acts like it's working.
PC recognizes it as Kindle mass storage with 0 bytes and no access.

I've been reading about the serial connector and am interested if there is anything i can do with that (if i got a serial converter).
I have to add that i'm not familiar with Linux, other than owning a Kubuntu live cd and PartedMagic for computer diagnostics and recovery.

So, my main question is: is it worth the time and effort (and money for the converter) to mess around with it?
I wouldn't want to waste any time that i could use to play with my 7mo son I really like the Kindle and would be an avid user but can't afford a new one right now.

I apologize if this isn't the right forum for this thread.

Thanks in advance!
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