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[GUI Plugin] FanFicFare

Many people use their ebook readers to read FanFiction stories posted on the web on various sites. Many people also use Calibre to manage their ebook collections and readers.

This plugin brings the functionality of FanFicFare to Calibre. The source is available on the GitHub project home page. There's additional documentation and FAQs on the project wiki, include a page specifically about the plugin version.

(FanFicFare was previously known as FanFictionDownLoader)

Main Features of FanFicFare Plugin:
  • Download FanFiction stories from over 100 different sites into ebooks. Supported sites list is below.
  • Update calibre metadata from website.
  • Update existing EPUB format ebooks, downloading only new chapters.
  • Get Story URLs from Web Page
  • Create and update EPUB anthologies of several stories. (Uses EpubMerge Plugin)
  • Download in the background for user convenience.
  • Support for downloading images in the story text. (EPUB and HTML only--download EPUB and convert to AZW3 for Kindle) More details on configuring images in stories and cover images can be found in the FAQs or this post in the old FFDL thread.
  • Support for cover image. (EPUB only)
  • Support to call Generate Cover plugin on calibre metadata create or update.
  • Support to call Count Pages plugin on calibre metadata create or update.
  • Option to call Polish Book's Smarten Punctuation on each EPUB download/update.
  • Update/Overwrite existing FanFiction stories from story URL in Calibre identity or EPUB. FanFicFare ignores Virtual Library and Additional Restrictions while searching for books to update.
  • Optionally keep an Update Log of past updates (EPUB only).
  • Option to delete other formats on book update. Handy if you have both a Nook(EPUB) and Kindle(AZW3), for example.
  • Update Reading List plugin lists as an aid to device sync and keeping a list of new books to read.
  • Options now stored inside the Library rather than an external JSON file.
  • Keep a list of previously 'Rejected' story URLs and user notes on why. Report if the user tries to download a rejected story again.
  • CLI via calibre-debug --run-plugin

Supported Sites:

Other useful Plugins:
  • FanFicFare can call Generate Cover to generate custom covers for downloaded stories.
  • FanFicFare can call Count Pages to generate page counts for downloaded stories.
  • FanFicFare can call Reading List to sync devices and keep a list of new books to read.
  • FanFicFare can call EpubMerge to create and update Epub anthologies of several stories in one book.

Special Notes:
  • Requires Calibre v1.48.0 or later.


This plugin has (at least partial) translations for:
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Estonian
  • French
  • German
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian

Command Line Interface(CLI)

Calibre offers a command-line interface (CLI) for calling plugins.

This plugin supports that option and allows the user to call the plugin's basic functionality from outside calibre without having to install Python or get the plugin's files separately.

(Note that at this time, FanFicFare via calibre CLI will use your personal.ini settings from your library, but does not add to or update your library.)

Usage: calibre-debug.exe --run-plugin FanFicFare -- [options] <storyurl>

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FORMAT, --format=FORMAT
                        Write story as FORMAT, epub(default), mobi, txt or
  -c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
                        Read config from specified file(s) in addition to
                        ~/.fanficfare/personal.ini, ./defaults.ini, and
  -b START, --begin=START
                        Begin story with Chapter START.  --begin and --end
                        will be overridden by a chapter range on the STORYURL
                        like STORYURL[1-2], STORYURL[-3], STORYURL[3-] or
  -e END, --end=END     End story with Chapter END.  --begin and --end will be
                        overridden by a chapter range on the STORYURL like
                        STORYURL[1-2], STORYURL[-3], STORYURL[3-] or
  -o NAME=VALUE, --option=NAME=VALUE
                        Set config option NAME=VALUE  Overrides config file
  -m, --meta-only       Retrieve and write metadata to stdout without
                        downloading or saving chapters; saves story file with
                        titlepage only. (See also --json-meta)
  -z, --no-meta-chapters
                        Exclude list of chapters("zchapters") from metadata
                        stdout output.  No effect without --meta-only or
                        --json-meta flags
  -j, --json-meta       Output metadata as JSON with download, or with --meta-
                        only flag.  (Only JSON will be output with --meta-only
  -u, --update-epub     Update an existing epub(if present) with new chapters.
                        Give either epub filename or story URL.
  --update-cover        Update cover in an existing epub, otherwise existing
                        cover (if any) is used on update.  Only valid with
  --unnew               Remove (new) chapter marks left by mark_new_chapters
  --force               Force overwrite of an existing epub, download and
                        overwrite all chapters.
  -i INFILE, --infile=INFILE
                        Give a filename to read for URLs (and/or existing EPUB
                        files with --update-epub).
  -l URL, --list=URL    Get list of valid story URLs from page given.
  -n URL, --normalize-list=URL
                        Get list of valid story URLs from page given, but
                        normalized to standard forms.
  --download-list=URL   Download story URLs retrieved from page given.  Update
                        existing EPUBs if used with --update-epub.
  --imap                Get list of valid story URLs from unread email from
                        IMAP account configured in ini.
  --download-imap       Download valid story URLs from unread email from IMAP
                        account configured in ini.  Update existing EPUBs if
                        used with --update-epub.
  -s, --sites-list      Get list of valid story URLs examples.
  --non-interactive     Prevent interactive prompts (for scripting).
  -d, --debug           Show debug and notice output.
  -p, --progressbar     Display a simple progress bar while downloading--one
                        dot(.) per network fetch.
  -v, --version         Display version and quit.

Installation Steps:

Under Calibre's Preferences, there's an option for 'Get plugins to enhance Calibre'. Find FanFicFare on the list (check the 'Update' and 'All' lists if you don't see it), click Install in the lower right corner.


Download the attached zip file and install the plugin/add to context menu or toolbar/restart Calibre as described in the Introduction to plugins thread.

Version History:

Version 3.13.0 - 15 Nov 2019
- Add some code to handle 24 hr clocks w/o changing adapters.
- Don't escape # in URLs, causes problems with
- Bypass expired SSL cert by not using SSL. adapter_thehookupzonenet
- Bypass expired SSL cert by not using SSL. adapter_spikeluvercom
- Remove site - Closed as per web site.
- Remove site - Closed as per web site.
- Remove site Moved to AO3.
- Add site specific chapterslashtotal and chapterstotal for adapter_archiveofourownorg.
- Fixes for adapter_webnovelcom site changes to JSON.
- Add parentforums site specific metadata for base_xenforo, include partial list in category.
- Add user/pass to adapter_fictionhuntcom, required to see chapter text now.
- Discard cookie cache on library change--might use different users/settings.
- At least one efiction site said Completed: Completed instead of Yes.
- Adding some html class attrs to epub output for ease of CSS.
- Add --no-output CLI option. Closes #443
- Save cookiejar between downloads during same calibre session, including BG jobs.
- Avoid post URLs in XenForo notification emails for QQ & AH too.
- Avoid post URLs in XenForo notification emails better w/o catching post in thread title. Probably.
- Fix for 404 error on XF always_login. Closes #438
- Fix for CLI update fail on one story causing all subsequent to also skip update. Issue #438
- Avoid post URLs in XenForo notification emails better.
- Treat spacebattles /post/ URLs in emails the same as sufficientvelocity to avoid extra URLs in thread notifications.

Version 3.12.0 - 14 Oct 2019
- Update Translations
- Add defaults.ini CSS for to preserve line breaks.
- Changes for adapter_forumsspacebattlescom to use base_xenforo2forum.
- Correct AO3 author parsing for high-byte characters.
- Additional warnings about imaptags added to manually added story URLs.
- Fix for adapter_trekfanfictionnet URL change. Closes #433.
- Add 'Restricted to Registered Users'(restricted) metadata to AO3.
- Fix for unicode chars in url params, fixes 427
- Add feature to automatically add optional tags for stories downloaded from email URLs.
- New Russian Site added: - Thanks gunmetal313
- Fix for wordcount in adapter_fanfiktionde when max_zalgo:1

Version 3.11.0 - 04 Sep 2019
- Update Translations
- Add URL prefix for XF2 authorUrl if relative. Circa Aug 23, 2019 SV changed the author URL FFF collects to a relative link and I didn't notice it until now.
- Add dedup_chapter_list option for buggy chapter lists. Optional in case they're not buggy.
- Add fetch_last_page for base_xenforo--SB doesn't send notice emails if user not up-to-date now.
- Fix for corner-case with deleting Rejects.
- Fix for XF1 regression caused by XF2 threadmarks metadata code.
- Add XF2 threadmarks_cover/status/desc/title options.

Version 3.10.5 - 30 Jul 2019
- Fixes for IMAP folder parsing.
- ensure_str on IMAP4 folder name for Python3. Fixes #419
- Fix adapter_inkbunnynet incorrect example URL, caused problems with get URLs from page.

Version 3.10.0 - 27 Jul 2019
- Additional error checking and output for IMAP4 fetch.
- Add always_include_first_post_chapters to base_xenforoforum_adapter
- XF posts can include a tags without href, look for href searching for links. Closes #417
- Add work around to fix XF2 issue with multiple '...' in threadmarks.
- Tweak getting URLs from email for SV XF2 changes, don't get post URLs.
- Changes to adapter_forumssufficientvelocitycom for XenForo2 migration.
- Fix for Plugin: Group reported results better for meta-only updates.
- Plugin: Group reported results better.
- Add a de-dup check to XF threadmark collection due to at least one SB story having TM bug.
- Adjust reader_posts_per_page for
- adapter_wuxiaworldco: Don't include grayed out 'In preparation' chapters
- Move BS version debug so it doesn't appear in CLI without -d.

Version 3.9.0 - 25 Jun 2019
- Fix for regression on XF not-first index post.
- Fix for a corner-case global_cache written by py2, then read by py3 bug.
- Update included dependencies -- mostly for Calibre 2.85.1.
- adapter_asianfanficscom json fixes - thanks oh45454545
- adapter_asianfanficscom foreword json fix - thanks oh45454545
- Change metadata separator to ' & ' when filling 'Contains names' custom columns.
- Fix for adapter_asianfanficscom change for views metadata
- Fix for site change adapter_novelonlinefullcom
- More fixes for adapter_asianfanficscom site now giving different HTML to FFF.
- Fix for some(older?) adapter_asianfanficscom stories not have json links.
- Fixes for site changes adapter_asianfanficscom
- Fix for extended chars in text email imap fetchs on py3.
- Show debug output BeautifulSoup version.
- adapter_mediaminerorg: Fix for not finding a block in chapter download.
- Fix for newer BS4/soupsieve enforcing CSS selector rules about :/ chars.
- Fix for site date change adapter_wuxiaworldcom

Version 3.8.0 - 27 May 2019
- Fix for adapter_asianfanficscom site change.
- Update Translations
- Add 'publisher' metadata as a copy of 'site' and use to fill Publisher in Calibre.
- Fix title casing for base_xenforo feature capitalize_forumtags.
- Fix for adapter_storiesonlinenet not detecting login failure.
- Some fixes for Russian language adapter_masseffect2in.
- Fixes for adapter_quotevcom due to site changes.
- Removing filter()/map() calls--not consistent between Py2/Py3.
- Some Py3 compat / optimization fixes, thanks eschwartz
- Fixes for adapter_storiesonlinenet site changes--login and use datetime by default because one was missing date-only.
- adapter_finestoriescom shares code with adapter_storiesonlinenet, also do datetimes.
- Comment out some debugs in XF/XF2
- Yet another fix for tagsfromtitle on base_xenforo. Don't put whole title as a tag when no [( in title.
- Fix for base_xenforo's tagsfromtitle needing to be split.
- base_xenforoforum: include forumtags in genre and tagsfromtitle in category instead of including both in subject_tags.
- Don't hardcode extratags into subject tags--it's in include_subject_tags in defaults.ini.
- Refactor base_xenforoforum for upcoming XenForo2 update for SV.
- Fix for series contain 'collection from' adapter_storiesonlinenet.
- Fix for anthology titles (and generate cover settings) not needing encode() anymore.
- Fix for BS halping with string conversions on PI update from Saved Meta Column.
- More improvements for adapter_asianfanficscom, including auto_sub feature, thanks oh45454545
- Improvements for adapter_asianfanficscom, thanks oh45454545
- Update adapter_asianfanficscom to fetch chapter texts from JSON url.
- Ad wall indicator has changed for adapter_webnovelcom.
- Fix use_archived_author in AO3.

Version 3.7.0 - 19 Apr 2019
- Revert "Remove defunct site"
- Recognize and
- Remove -- moved to AO3.
- Fix date format for adapter_gluttonyfictioncom
- Comment out some old debugs.
- Add debug output for encoding used.
- Fix some comments.
- Add another StoryDoesNotExist string for adapter_fanfictionnet
- Closes #390 - RoyalRoad click link in emails.
- Update a comment link in
- Include status 'Hiatus' for adapter_royalroadcom.
- Correct a comment in defaults.ini.
- Fix for saved custom column metadata and boolean values.
- Add bookmarked site specific metadata for adapter_archiveofourownorg.
- Fix for PI saved metadata not reading False & empty strings.
- More fixing for bool metadata values--convert to string when set.
- Add remove_authorfootnotes_on_update feature for AO3.
- Update Translations.

Version 3.6.0 - 12 Mar 2019
- Make CLI -j/--json-meta option work on download/update as well as -m/--meta-only.
- Fix & improve universe_as_series for adapter_storiesonlinenet
- Update translations
- Update adapter_fictionhuntcom for stories with no chapters.
- Update adapter_fictionhuntcom for significant site changes.
- Collect ships and description in adapter_harrypotterfanfictioncom.
- Some AO3 stories don't have fandom tags.

Version 3.5.0 - 11 Feb 2019
- Update Translations.
- Remove -- now on AO3.
- Remove -- now on AO3.
- Add as replacement for removed
- Fix for int(pages) in adapter_adultfanfictionorg. Closes #375
- Fix author parsing at webnovelcom - pull request #372 from Rikkitp
- Remember original href in data-orighref attr with epub internalize_text_links so inserted 'earlier' chapters don't break internal links.
- Add always_login setting to base_xenforo for SV login-required story with 404 result.
- Ignore current Virtual Library when checking for existing story ID.

Version 3.4.0 - 07 Jan 2019
- Fix defaults.ini add_to_titlepage_entries for
- Fix metadata parsing for adapter_siyecouk
- Fix adapter_whoficcom for site changes.
- Update translations.
- Fix AO3 logout url used to detect when already logged in.
- Add conditionals_use_lists(default:true) setting for replace_metadata & Include/Exclude metadata conditionals. Might change existing behavior for some users.
- Remove outdated comment.
- Allow ==, !=, =~ and !~ in replace_metadata conditionals like in/exclude_metadata.
- Additional metadata edit recursion proofing.
- Allow animated gifs through Calibre Image proc -- need to remove later.
- Update some comments in adapter_archiveofourownorg
- Additional fix for AO3 login site changes.
- Fix for AO3 login site changes.
- Add bookmarkprivate and bookmarkrec site-specific metadata to adapter_archiveofourownorg

Version 3.3.0 - 18 Dec 2018
- Accept for remains the 'canonical' domain.
- Update translations
- Workaround for adapter_hentaifoundrycom bad dateUpdated value.
- New Site: - Stories only.
- Improve recursion-proofing of replace_metadata for performance and duplicate lines.
- Don't cache file: URLs. Option --save-cache can mask changes to _filelist files while debugging.
- Don't sleep when fetching file: URLs.
- Remove defunct site
- Remove defunct site
- Remove defunct site
- Remove defunct site
- Remove defunct site
- Remove defunct site
- Update adapter_harrypotterfanfictioncom for site change.
- Change for adapter_storiesonlinenet for 'Full Access' stories.
- base_xenforoforum_adapter - Fix for buggy threadmarks on SV thread 46020.

Version 3.2.0 - 17 Nov 2018
- Add background_color ini verbiage and check before image conversion.
- Add feature for manually editing plugin settings JSON. Only shown in debug mode.
- Plugin Reject list changes: show numbers, edit title/author, save rejects as data.
- Refactor busy_cursor, busy cursor around saving rejects & settings, bump copyright years.
- Add verbiage to [] about site censoring words when not logged in.
- Detect 'fake' 404 page (with HTTP 200) for adapter_royalroadcom
- Fix for adapter_wuxiaworldco for Python3.
- Added volumes to chapter titles adapter_wuxiaworldco - thanks Rikkitp
- Fix adapter_wuxiaworldco description decomposition, remove outdated testing `raise` from `` - Thanks, Rikkitp
- Fix for adapter_wuxiaworldcom site change.
- Minor improvement to adapter_asianfanficscom logging.
- Update for adapter_storiesonlinenet(& finestories) for login change.
- adapter_fanfiktionde login doesn't use anymore.

Version 3.1.1 - 19 Oct 2018
- Fix for problem with new collision code and rejected URL.

Version 3.1.0 - 17 Oct 2018
- Fix for Calibre Metadata update called with URLs not in library.
- Fix adapter_wuxiaworldco date format for 24 hour clock. Closes #345
- Change adapter_lightnovelgatecom to adapter_novelonlinefullcom for site change. Closes #346
- Add max_zalgo feature.
- Handle stories without cover correctly adapter_wwwlushstoriescom. Closes #344
- Add cover images for adapter_wwwlushstoriescom
- Rename adapter_royalroadcom appropriately.
- Fix for warnings.
- Put SV(base_xenforo) prefix spans from title into 'genre', comment out some debugs.
- Fix for issues with single-chapter stories not getting correct chapter title after chapter meta refactor Jul 2018.
- Add fix calibre title/author cases options, move force title/author sort values to Standard Columns config Tab.
- Add 'date' chapter metadata to AO3. Closes #336
- Move mobi TOC back to after title page. Requested by jxxtan.

Version 3.0.0 - 10 Sep 2018
- adapter_chosentwofanficcom: use pagecache and extracategories:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- Fix FimF login.
- Fix adapter_harrypotterfanfictioncom date and characters/genre splitting.
- Fix adapter_fanficauthorsnet metadata parsing and genre splitting.
- Add --no-meta-chapters/-z CLI option.
- Restore cursor in finally: clauses in case of issues.(plugin)
- Update Translations
- Fix for base_xenforoforum (SB/SV specifically) change to 'hide' sections of threadmark lists behind '...'. Issue #332
- Fix empty Genre parsing for adapter_ficwadcom
- Fix genre parsing for adapter_fanficauthorsnet.
- Tweak mobi output--move TOC to end.
- Remove some CLI debug output (conflist).
- Improve CLI --save-cache, save on each fetch/post, fix a py2/py3 cross bug.
- Small fix for <> appearing in text format.
- Remove defunct site
- Remove defunct site
- Remove defunct site
- Remove defunct site
- Remove defunct site
- Remove defunct site
- Remove defunct site
- Remove defunct site
- Add latestonly option to mark_new_chapters feature to remove pre-existing (new) chpater marks on update and only mark chapters that are new in this update. Closes #330
- Attempting to get password protected stories in FimF working again.
- Fix metadata parsing -- genre was ending up in language after BS change.
- Fix mobi output -- Fix an encoding issue, Kindle Goto-TOC works, TOC links are more accurate
- Accept both [] and pre-existing [] - Change [] to []
- has changed to Update included_dependencies
- Many, many changes to make code run on both python 2.7 and python 3.

Version 2.28.0 - 02 Aug 2018
- Fix html appearing in txt summary by default.
- Remove in-story ad links from adapter_asexstoriescom.
- adapter_royalroadl site uses relative dates now, including months and years ago.
- Update plugin & web service html2text included package to fix text <>& output.
- Fix for corner case screwing up chapter html(attr quotes). Closes #324
- adapter_webnovelcom: update title selection (#323), thanks Ea
- Remove accidental file.
- Change AO3 description blockquote to a div tag.
- Fix section links in html output(broken in def6b39)
- Remove Google Plus icon (web service only)
- Fix base_xenforoforum_adapter bug when no threadmarks.
- Get story URL from existing epubs downloaded from the site.
- Fix for site change: adapter_wuxiaworldcom
- Add note to use_threadmark_wordcounts setting--base_xenforo sites' wordcounts ignore words insite Spoiler tags.
- adapter_wuxiaworldco: Some older stories use a different date format.
- Fix origtitle/toctitle for mark_new_chapters. Broken in chapter metadata revamp.
- Fix tocpage links and correct index04 vs index, issue #320.
- Refactor chapter internals for additional site-specific metadata per chapter.
- Fix base_xenforo_list for AH & QQ prefered domains.
- base_xenforoforum: Adding date, words & kwords per chapter metadata (SB/SB/QQ).
- Whitespace clean up in code (#316) - thanks mcepl
- Add alternate domains for SB, SV & QQ xenforo adapters.
- base_xenforoforum: Sum threadmark word counts into numWords(when present). INI option use_threadmark_wordcounts defaults to true.
- Add ignore_chapter_url_list feature.
- adapter_trekfanfictionnet: don't set numWords to *character* count.
- Add adapter_harrypotterfanfictioncom for new version of returned
- Add adapter for (#315) - Thanks cryzed

Version 2.27.0 - 03 Jul 2018
- Change adapter_storiesonlinenet to https (and derived finestories) - thanks davidfor.
- Yet more site change for adapter_webnovelcom
- Add status states Paused & Cancelled to adapter_fanfiktionde as well as site specific native_status.
- adapter_webnovelcom: ignore 'ad-walled' chapters--the ad-wall bypass code stopped working, but isn't yet removed.
- Calibre Plugin: Remove ebook formats before update, overwrite or unnew so that the previouis version ends up in trash in
stead of just copied over.
- Add adapter_classes metadata for developer testing.
- Revert back https -> http.
- Remove replace_br_with_p sentinels in desc HTML before giving to Calibre.
- Fix for author in adapter_lcfanficcom
- Fix for adapter_inkbunnynet author search.
- base_efiction: use getProtocol for images too.
- Change all sites that will work with https to use it all the time.
- Remove -- is there, but no fanfic section anymore.
- adapter_adultfanfictionorg used urllib2 exceptions without importing it.
- Updates for site changes for adapter_gravitytalescom.
- Fix author for adapter_inkbunnynet.
- Site update fixes for adapter_inkbunnynet, thanks GComyn.
- Fixes for adapter_webnovelcom for site changes.
- Add status to webnovelcom (#306) - Thanks, rikkitp

Version 2.26.0 - 30 May 2018
- base_xenforoforum_adapter: exclude threadmarks URL as chapter URL.
- adapter_webnovelcom - use_pagecache - mostly for debugging.
- Fix some metadata collection in adapter_webnovelcom.
- Change adapter_whoficcom to https.
- Add rating and sitetags to adapter_webnovelcom.
- Fix date for adapter_gluttonyfictioncom
- Remove defunct sites and
- Adding website_encodings:ignore feature for adapter_wwwnovelallcom.
- fix chapter names in - thanks Rikkitp
- remove unnecessary br around advert in - thanks Rikkitp
- Consolidate URL chapter range code and apply to CLI for #302
- fixes dateUpdated ang datePublished for lightnovelgate (#303) - thanks Rikkitp
- https for starslibrarynet, abstract protocol a bit for eFiction Base.
- Clarify some tooltip text and add 'FFF Frozen URL' feature.

Version 2.25.0 - 29 Apr 2018
- Fix adapter_hpfanficarchivecom to not take author from banner by mistake.
- New Site - Thanks rikkitp!
- Fix downloading illustrated stories from literotica. (#295) - Thanks davidfor
- Add remove_spoilers & legend_spoilers options to for Issue #287
- Fix author URL/Id fetch for adapter_wwwlushstoriescom.
- Fix adapter with volumes (#293) - Thanks rikkitp
- Added status metadata to wuxiaworld and royalroadl (#289) - Thanks rikkitp
- Add reformating option fix_excess_space to lightnovelgate (#291) - Thanks rikkitp
- Change to https.
- Fixes for tables, add keep_empty_tags,td,th and add to keep_html_attrs colspan,rowspan.
- Allow domain for
- Fix for wuxiaworld adapter when image is null (#288) - Thanks rikkitp

Version 2.24.0 - 27 Mar 2018
- Update translations.
- Fix for SB/SV threadmarks.rss becoming incomplete list--move extract_threadmarks from QQ back to base.
- Update adapter for -- thanks cryzed!
- Remove extra CSS line from default ini files.
- Fix fix_pseudo_html in for plugin edit check.
- adapter_storiesonline( fix for missing author link in header tag, from GComyn.
- Add output_filename to --meta-only (#271), from theit8514
- Add fix_pseudo_html option for site only, from cryzed

Version 2.23.0 - 28 Feb 2018
- Update translations.
- Calculate number of chapters using start-end range when doing updates.
- Make Get URLs from Page work better with TtH is_adult.
- Fix rating, warnings, add ships to adapter_harrypotterfanfictioncom
- Update adapter_efpfanficnet to use https and remove www. by default.
- *Don't* include fandoms in category for by default.
- Handle new VIP chapter types in adapter_webnovelcom (#263) (Thanks cryzed)
Version 2.22.0 - 23 Jan 2018
(I accidentally skipped v2.21.)
- Tweak 'Chapter not found...' check for ffnet for changed/new text.
- Set siteabbrev for adapter_wattpadcom
- Handle QQ threads w/o threadmarks correctly.
- Additional CLI python version checking.
- fimfiction adapter: add new tag types, fix groups (#259), thanks FaceDeer!

Version 2.20.0 - 14 Dec 2017
- Strip commas from numChapters in CLI for urlchaptercount.
- Fix to adapter_storiesonlinenet author from GComyn.
- Apply is_adult&user/pass dialogs to CALIBREONLY update.
- Adding pre_process_cmd for CLI.
- Don't 'fix' file:/// to //.
- Skip #post- URLs in xenforo emails even when on first page.
- Update translations.
- Fix author parsing for (#254) from cryzed

Version 2.19.0 - 13 Nov 2017
- Remove site, content moved to AO3.
- Fix adapter_tolkienfanfiction for site changes, remove strip_chapter_numeral site specific option--use strip_chapter_numbers option.
- New site added: -- thanks Rikkitp!
- Add --non-interactive CLI flag (defaults to true when run without a TTY), thanks theit8514, sorry for not adding this earlier.
- adapter_webnovelcom: normalize story URL.
- adapter_harrypotterfanfictioncom: https default now.
- Fix for escaping issue--thanks cryzed.
- Fix problem with --download-list from plugin CLI, move StringIO for passed INIs down to point of use.

Version 2.18.0 - 16 Oct 2017
- Remove AO3 login from get_urls_from_page--login is failing and it isn't required anymore for 'adult'. 'Restricted' (user-only) won't work.
- Plugin: Save 'Show Download Options' check in gprefs like dialog geometries.
- Fixes for QQ and AH changes.
- base_xenforo: Fix for extended chars in threadmark chapter names.
- base_xenforo: Couple small fixes for corner cases. -- Except one of them isn't, I think it would be pretty common; namely a notice being using as first chapter.
- adapter_literotica: Build the chapter a little better especially if there is mutiple pages (#225) - Thanks, davidfor
- base_xenforo: Use '/posts/' not 'post' to find thread vs post URLs.
- Add sectionUrl metadata and mechanism for internally normalizing story URLs *and* [story URL] sections. For base_xenforo when including thread titles in storyUrl. Doesn't effect base_xenforo *post* URLs.
- base_xenforo: Move skip_threadmarks_categories to save a fetch if skipping anyway. Will also effect minimum_threadmarks.
- base_xenforo: Don't include thread title in *chapter* url, perfomance impact is smaller and keeps from marking a bunch of stuff (new).
- Add delays for base_xenforoforum_adapter.
- Use thread-title URL for storyUrl with base_xenforo to save redirect fetches.
- Comment out some debug output.
- Remove manual escaping of HTML entities, the website now seems to take care of it (#224)--thanks cryzed

Version 2.17.1 - 14 Sep 2017
v2.17.1 is just for Plugin Translations; otherwise it's identical to 2.17.0
- Update Translations.
- Remove AO3 login from get_urls_from_page--login is failing and it isn't required anymore for 'adult'. 'Restricted' (user-only) won't work.
- Plugin: Save 'Show Download Options' check in gprefs like dialog geometries.
- Fixes for QQ and AH changes.
- base_xenforo: Fix for extended chars in threadmark chapter names.
- base_xenforo: Couple small fixes for corner cases. -- Except one of them isn't, I think it would be pretty common; namely a notice being using as first chapter.
- adapter_literotica: Build the chapter a little better especially if there is mutiple pages (#225) - Thanks, davidfor
- base_xenforo: Use '/posts/' not 'post' to find thread vs post URLs.
- Add sectionUrl metadata and mechanism for internally normalizing story URLs *and* [story URL] sections. For base_xenforo when including thread titles in storyUrl. Doesn't effect base_xenforo *post* URLs.
- base_xenforo: Move skip_threadmarks_categories to save a fetch if skipping anyway. Will also effect minimum_threadmarks.
- base_xenforo: Don't include thread title in *chapter* url, perfomance impact is smaller and keeps from marking a bunch of stuff (new).
- Add delays for base_xenforoforum_adapter.
- Use thread-title URL for storyUrl with base_xenforo to save redirect fetches.
- Comment out some debug output.
- Remove manual escaping of HTML entities, the website now seems to take care of it (#224)--thanks cryzed

Version 2.16.0 - 18 Aug 2017
- Restore sites.
- Fix for cryzed!
- AO3 - drop out of use_view_full_work when missing chapters.
- Escape chapter texts for HTML, thanks cryzed
- Add AO3 inspiredlinks after last chapter.
- Fix AO3 always_login and bookmarktags/bookmarksummary site metadata.
- Save AO3 'associations' link 'inspired by' links -- included with authorheadnotes.
- Limit adapter_wuxiaworldcom removed links to prev/next chapter.
- Don't cache metadata list while building from include_in_ -- Calibre version causes problems with removeallentities=True vs False cache.
- Calibre image processing chokes on SVG images. Rejects svg images--use no_image_processing to include svg images.
- Make default for https, thanks botmtl.
- Fixes for site changes (PR #206), thanks cryzed.
- Fix xenforo threadmarks change for SB/SV.
- Calibre removed sanitize_html function.
- Explicitly (instead of implicitly) set is_adult:false in defaults.ini.
- Comment out bookmarks for AO3 temporarily.
- Fix for adapter_asianfanficscom caching vs login issue.

Version 2.15.0 - 26 Jul 2017
- Restore adapter_dramioneorg after site came back.
- Fix for AO3 login change.
- Fixes for // problem in images.
- Fix replace_br_with_p creating nested div tags, does NOT remove ones added previously.
- Make utf8FromSoup() copy soup to avoid side effects.
- Add markers and check to prevent replace_br_with_p running more than once on the same text.
- Adding replace_failed_smilies_with_alt_text option for base_xenforo.
- Consolidate and display some aggregate times for perf prof.
- Fix published and update date for adapter - import feedparser (#204)
- adapter_fanficauthorsnet replace 'In progress' with 'In-Progress' to match standard.
- adapter_finestoriescom and adapter_storiesonlinenet share code, but they need different Themes set now.
- Fix to adapter_asexstoriescom for site change.

Version 2.14.0 - 08 Jul 2017

- Update translations.
- Fix typo in error catching - base_efiction
- XenForo follows QQ more than SV/SB.
- Remove 9 defunct sites -,,,,,,, and
- Fixes for site changes.
- fimfiction adapter: views/total_views fix for site change -- thanks FaceDeer!
- Fix for XenForo(SB/SV) threadmarks with non-ascii chars. (web & CLI)
- Fix plugin config check for _filelist.
- Add `include_author_notes` option to collect Fimfiction author's notes, thanks FaceDeer.
- Changes to base_xenforoforum_adapter to use threadmarks.rss for SV/SB, separate threadmark collection for QQ.
- Also add show_chapter_authors option.
- Fix for XenForo Threadmarks change on SB & SV--not on QQ.

Version 2.13.0 - 22 Jun 2017

- Update translations.
- Fix for using Modern theme rather than Classic, thanks, davidfor!
- Fix for adapter_fimfictionnet -- missed the "st" ordinal case when parsing dates, thanks FaceDeer!
- Fix for site change, thanks Etana!
- Fix for site change, thanks davidfor!
- Allow multiple range URLs (url[1-5]) for same story in one download.
- Change adapter_fimfictionnet to use makeDate for non-USEnglish locales.
- Add keep_prequel_in_description option for
- Fix base_xenforoforum_adapter for QQ--it doesn't have threadmark categories or reader mode.
- Fix fimfiction datePublished (Merge pull request #190 from FaceDeer/master)
- http->https for adapter_midnightwhispers
- Update adapter_webnovelcom for site changes. Thanks, Ser4nb2LUY6e
- Tweak skip_threadmarks_categories comments in INI.
- Special error msg for about Listing Theme.
- Change adapter_fanfiktionde to https.
- Extend base_xenforoforum_adapter Reader Mode to other Threadmark Categories.
- Correct an error log message.
- Additional updates for for changes, thanks FaceDeer!

- Add skip_threadmarks_categories option to base_xenforoforum_adapter.
- Update adapter_fimfictionnet for site changes.
- Fix for get-story-urls from page, affected adapter_adultfanfictionorg.

- Fix for RoyalRoadL adapter - thanks, cryzed!
- Update translations.

- Reduce debug output from replace_br_with_p.
- Apply minimum_threadmarks in base_xenforoforum based on all threadmarks, not marks per category.
- Change AO3 to https, normalize chapter URLs, remove view_adult from chapter URLs.
- Update translations.

- Add rating for starslibrarynet, fix [] as section name.
- Add apocrypha_to_omake option for base_xenforoforum_adapter threadmark category.

- wattpad - Separate category from tags, include rags in genre by default, use larger cover image. - Thanks, botmtl!
- wattpad - need to pass utf8FromSoup a soup...
- Add comma_entries option to add commas to metadata entries--numbers only.
- wattpad - add defaults slow_down_sleep_time:2 and comma reads.
- Update translations.

- adapter_storiesofardacom - td->div in description, catch parse excpetion after bad html in description.
- Adapters' getSiteExampleURLs() value has to be able to pass their own getSiteURLPattern() for geturls.get_urls_from_page() to work correctly.

- Add xenforoforum Categorized threadmarks after regular threadmarks.
- Fix processing for <center> <u> etc, soup.recursiveChildGenerator() not working anymore.
- Take image .ext from end of whole URL if not found at end of path.

- Fix for asianfanficscom site change.
- New site -- thanks, botmtl!

Version 2.12.0 - 20 May 2017
- FIX for issue with Epub Update discarding existing images in Epub. Oops. :-( (Came from ffnet img referer fix.)

Version 2.11.0 - 17 May 2017
- Change to https.
- Catch other common complete/in-progress statuses for calibre yes/no columns.
- adapter_wwwaneroticstorycom: 'Complete'->'Completed'
- Reorder sections in defaults.ini files alphabetically, save script that does it.
- Remove a debug output from adapter_fanficauthorsnet
- One-off normalize Reject List URLs to save doing it all the time. Also, automatically save plugin version in prefs.
- Update translations. (For: Let PI search inside zip(html) and txt formats for story URLs.)
- Clear extratags: for and
- Fix error with std_cols_newonly if user has never saved config.
- Adapt to redesign - thanks PlushBeaver
- Let PI search inside zip(html) and txt formats for story URLs.
- Fix AO3 use_view_full_work feature for 1 chapter works.
- New site as a base_xenforoforum_adapter. Plus base_xenforoforum_adapter fixes.
- Add site specific extracategories to new sites.
- Fix for PI suppressauthorsort/suppresstitlesort interacting wrong with Author/Title New Only. (PI only)
- Fix CLI -f option help for text vs txt.
- Add AO3 feature use_view_full_work -- true by default.
- Update included dependency packages
- Update html5lib from 0.9x7 to 0.9x9.
- Update to BeautifulSoup 4.5.3.
- Update to 1.10.0.
- Update chardet to 3.0.2.
- Update html2text to (2016, 9, 19).
- Add chardet_confidence_limit option for 'auto' encoding setting.
- Add webencodings to included_dependencies. Needed by in web service with newer html5lib.
- Don't include html5lib(and webencodings) and six in PI zip--uses calibre's versions anyway.
- New sites from GComyn:
- Add calibre_series_meta optional feature to include series metadata like calibre in epubs. For CLI & Web Service.
- Updated date added to webnovel by cryzed
- AO3 site-specific metadata bookmarktags bookmarksummary and option always_login added.
- Fixes for adapter_gravitytalescom from GComyn.
- New sites from GComyn:
- Add Story Notes to base_efiction_adapter.
- Don't send Referer:None -- doesn't like it.
- Additional tags collected for wuxiaworld--thanks GComyn
- Add for AO3 due to old downloaded AO3 epubs
- Fix for author including Updated in desc in adapter_ashwindersycophanthexcom.
- Fix "got more than 100 headers"-issue only.
- Fix ffnet referer for cover images.
- Fix for a mistaken Norwegian Bokmål translation.
- Fix ffnet referer for cover images.

Version 2.10.0 - 14 Apr 2017
- Bump release version.
- Update translations.
- Remove defunct sites:,,,,,,,, and
- Fix for adapter_asianfanficscom, thanks 444555.
- Enhancements for Storiesonline and Literotica, thanks davidfor.
- Add option chapter_categories_use_all for Literotica, thanks davidfor.
- Can't skip numChapters - adapter_trekfanfictionnet
- Refactor to move fetches to Configuration class for _filelist feature
- Remove self.decode to defaults.ini, fix use_pagecache().
- Add *_filelist feature
- Add titleHTML to mirror authorHTML
- Change to - users & storyIDs *not* the same.
- Add <meta charset="UTF-8"> to html output by default.
- Add use_archived_author option for
- Add --progressbar option for CLI.
- Change http to https for FimF - thanks baggins41
- Improve metadata caching for performance.
- Remove unnecessary line that can cause problems with abbreviated ffnet URL.
- Renamed domain
- Fix for authors and New Only.
- Fix for base_xenforoforum cached post used more than once.
- Normalize anthology URLs both from page and from epub.
- Allow https in adapter_hpfanficarchivecom

Version 2.9.0 - 13 Feb 2017
- Make base_efiction_adapter honor keep_summary_html:true option.
- Add author_avatar_cover option for base_xenforoforum.
- Edge case fixes for errorcol and lastcheckedcol.
- adapter_bloodshedversecom needs to be able to change storyId.
- Tweak to adapter_whoficcom from GComyn.
- New Site: - Thanks 444555!
- Fixes for user/adult checks - Thanks 444555!
- Fix for error column when not an error.
- base_xenforoforum: Add more caching and page lookahead in reader mode.
- Fix for adapter_adultfanfictionorg for site change.
- adapter_asianfanficscom chapter URL update fix - Thanks 444555!
- Fix for storiesonlinenet Daily Limit msg change, from GComyn.
- Update translations

Version 2.8.0 - 12 Jan 2017
- Changes to adapter_wwwarea52hkhnet from GComyn.
- Minor fix to adapter_squidgeorgpeja from GComyn.
- New site by GComyn:
- New site by GComyn:
- New site by GComyn:
- New site by GComyn:
- New site by GComyn:
- New site by GComyn:
- New site by GComyn:
- New site by GComyn:
- New site by GComyn:
- Replace with
- No covers from smilies on royalroadl plus label debug output from royalroadl.
- Fix resetting confirm dialog checks.
- Add 'Delete on Reject by Default' option.
- Fixes for extended/accented chars in URLs for adapter_wwwlushstoriescom.
- Add iso-8859-1 to default decode list.
- Fixes for utf8 in desc for adapter_wuxiaworldcom
- Fix for adapter_spikeluvercom desc containing extra stuff.
- NEW - Experimental support for more than one adapter under the same domain name:
- New Site:
- New Site:
- New Site:
- Fix for change from http to https
- Add chapter URL normalization to adapter_tthfanficorg for http to https change to recognize pre-existing chapters. Also protects against title changes.
- Strip 'Crossover' prefix from SV titles--base_xenforoforum_adapter.
- Get non-label rating for base_efiction adapter_darksolaceorg.
- Fixes for chapter URLs.
- Metadata fixes for adapter_wwwlushstoriescom from GComyn.
- Adding chapter_title_error_mark for continue_on_chapter_error, force errors to always retry on update.
- Generalize continue_on_chapter_error so all adapters can use it.
- Update translations.

Version 2.7.0 - 14 Dec 2016
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- Change from GComyn for eFiction base story with internal <b> tags.
- Additional URL normalization in base_xenforoforum_adapter.
- Fixes for adapter_bdsmlibrarycom and adapter_sugarquillnet from GComyn.
- Adding 'reader' mode for base_xenforoforum_adapter - only SV has it so far.
- Fix for site changes - Thanks, davidfor!
- Comment out some debug output.
- Replace post_process_apply_filename_safepattern with post_process_safepattern so it can have its own pattern. (CLI only)
- Remove adapter for It's been broken for a while and it's a difficult site in Hungarian language, which none of current devs can read.
- Add always_use_forumtags to valid options lists. (plugin ini editor only)
- Comment out largish debug output in adapter_storiesonlinenet
- Make QQ ask for user/pass if necessary instead of just fail.
- Remove more script tags from metadata.
- Update translations. (plugin only)

Version 2.6.0 - 17 Nov 2016
- Fix for - no longer displays review counts, remove code that collects them.
- New site: Thanks wassname!
- Allow '_u#.xhtml' file names in updates. For Calibre Convert on Anthologies, then manually split.
- Add Last Checked Column feature
- Fixes for from GComyn.
- New site: -- Thanks GComyn!
- New site: -- Thanks GComyn!
- New site: -- Thanks GComyn!
- New site: -- Thanks GComyn!
- Tweaks and fixes across several sites from GComyn.
- Site changed date format.
- Improve not found reporting a little.
- Fix for layout change.
- Remove duplicate adapter for supported.
- Update translations.
- Fix to handle incorrect HTML better in Get URLs from Page.
- Add strip_text_links INI param to allowed list for
- Change comments sanitization for calibre to be less draconic.
- Fix author fetch for post URL base_xenforoforum.
- Don't use 'uparrow' quote links as chapter links in base_xenforoforum.
- Adding remove_spoilers and legend_spoilers features and css example for spoilers for base_xenforoforum.
- Remove noscript tags from base_xenforoforum content--otherwise double images appear in Kindle and Nook.
- Copy make_soup to for noscript handling, otherwise noscript contents get & escaped.
- Use DOTALL regular expression processing on replace_metadata and in/exclude_metadata. Should only effect description where it will allow full replacement.
- Update translations.

Version 2.5.0 - 18 Oct 2016
- Fixes for unusual (changed?) chapter URLs on
- Adding words_added metadata for epub logpage on epub updates only.
- Fix for CLI not working correctly with -u epubfile
- Tiny fix to html output--close TOCTOP <a> tag.
- Adding normalize_chapterurl() for xenforoforum and normalize_text_links option.
- Add internalize_text_links option for epub and html formats(xenforoforum only right now). Also fix for growing whitespace in epub updates and missing always_reload_first_chapter in highlight list.
- Update translations.
- Bump versions.

Version 2.4.0 - 30 Sep 2016
- Adding Update Existing Only option to Email URL Fetch. (plugin only)
- Add support for Pillow (vs PIL) image lib in CLI.
- Adding CLI options for --imap and download from imap and list.
- Add 'Reject w/o Confirm' option for Series Anthology Check. (plugin only)
- Improvements to CLI/defaults.ini suggested by MrTyton.
- Fix for poor HTML in some descs - Thanks GComyn for finding that.
- Fix for calibre series w/injectseries always being applied when doing BG metadata. (plugin only)
- Fix for webservice over-long error msgs causing problems, specific errmsg for unknown site.
- Need to provide 'more info' on failure with individual URL in CLI.
- New site:
- Update translations.
- New version updating tool.
- Bump versions--start bumping minor per version instead of micro.

Version 2.3.6 - 24 Aug 2016
- Fix for change to AO3 author links.
- Force overall cover for Anthologies if any sub-books have covers to avoid Calibre Polish issues.
- Fix ffnet category fall back.
- Add extra decode code for calling get_urls_from_imap() from outside calibre.
- Fail more gracefully when anthology cover doesn't exist. Polish can remove them.
- Adding logpage_at_end INI option.
- Fix for Publisher and Language metadata for Anthologies.
- Fix date parsing for Thanks PlushBeaver!
- Tweaks to adultfanfictionorg
- Add options for controlling Anthology book comments on the Standard Columns config tab. (plugin only)
- Add always_reload_first_chapter setting for base_xenforoforum stories with index chapter.
- Progress Bar - add extra timer loop for Win10 display.
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- New site: - Thanks GComyn!
- Make base_efiction code accept https story urls.
- Tweaks for, including a slow down.
- For, throw a StoryDoesNotExist exception for 'This submission is awaiting moderator's approval'
- Tweaks for, including a slow down.
- Update translations.

Version 2.3.5 - 22 Jul 2016
- Change ffnet metadata collection to allow for chars with (' - ') in them.
- Fix for SIYE when author puts story URL in bio.
- Allow old goto/post chapter URLs in base_xenforoforum.
- Remove Django from app.yaml--old version going away. (Webservice only)
- Add n_anthaver and r_anthaver modes to custom_columns_settings for averaging metadata for anthologies before setting in integer and float calibre custom columns. (Plugin only)
- Include 'prefix' tags in forumtags in base_xenforoforum.
- Save addheaders when setting cookiejar. For ffn referer.
- Update translations. (Plugin only)

Version 2.3.4 - 23 Jun 2016
- Fix for previously failedtoload img tags causing lookup sleeps.
- Fix for older harrypotterfanfictioncom stories lacking reviewjs.js.
- Change adapter_fictionmaniatv to set status Completed instead of Complete (no d).
- Update StoriesOnlineNet/FineStoriesCom login URL.
- Different detect StoryDoesNotExist string for
- Allow old showpost.php chapter URLs in base_xenforoforum.
- Update (& Fix) Translations.

Version 2.3.3 - 23 May 2016
- Fix for adapter_ashwindersycophanthexcom login.
- Add merged tags to anthology epubs. (plugin only)
- Fix for ProceedQuestion got an unexpected keyword argument 'log_viewer_unique_name' (plugin only)
- Remove defaults.ini sections for removed sites.
- Make 'Go back to fix errors?' dialog scroll error list for smaller dialog size. (plugin only)
- Update Translations. (plugin only)

Version 2.3.2 - 17 May 2016
- Remove some more print output (hopefully the last) in the hopes it will help with Mac.
- Fix for %p (am/pm) date parsing on non-en_US locales. - AKA Fix for edeniz's date issues with SB.
- Fix for Yet Another Site Change on quotevcom.
- Fix for Mac OS X crashes - changes to progress bar dialogs implementation.
- Update translations.
- Fix for Mac OS X freezes - set log level to CRITICAL unless calibre in debug or in BG job.
- Update included html2text for web/plugin, require as dependency for CLI. (Fix for obscure problem with URLs in story with text output.)
- Change adapter_ncisfictionnet to eFiction Base due to site change.
- Fixes for changes.
- Remove dead site:
- Remove dead site:
- Remove dead site:
- Remove dead site:
- Remove dead site:
- Remove dead site:
- Remove dead site:

Version 2.3.1 - 19 Apr 2016

- Add additional strings for translations.

- Add 'Save All Errors' checkbox for plugin save-errors column.

- Update translations

- Add exception for bad HTML breaking img finding.

- Fix for Overwrite if Newer not working with BG Metadata.

- Comment out some debug output.

- Updates to adapter_literotica from davidfor

- Clean up a stray print.

- Catch more img tag exceptions.

- Fix series/universe processing in adapter_storiesonlinenet.

- Fix for using str() instead of unicode().

Version 2.3.0 - 20 Mar 2016

- Fix for adapter_thehexfilesnet missing chapter text.

- Fixes for, now shares code with, thanks davidfor for this.

- Allow ini keyword universe_as_series in as well as

- Fix for site update -- thanks Facedeer

- New site: - Thanks gcomyn!

- New site: - Thanks gcomyn!

- New site: - Thanks gcomyn!

- New site: buffygiles.velocitygrass. - Thanks gcomyn!

- New site: - Thanks gcomyn!

- New site: - Thanks gcomyn!

- Performance improvements (extra caching) for complex metadata manipulation.

- Changes to all plugin logging output (debug) to add datetime and reduce inadvertent smilies. ("FFFEBUG")

- Additional ini options for base_xenforoforum adapters.

- Add storyUrl ini section feature. Add custom configuration for individual stories by adding personal.ini sections specifically for them.

- Fixes for, author and chapter list.

- Add 'averrating' and tweak description: adapter_literotica

- Fix adapter_literotica setDescription

- Make HTTP 410 StoryDoesNotExist in, make conn fail trace debug, not error level.

- Allow a second kind of 'chapter missing' for

- Change to base_efiction after site update.

- Hide user/pass in debug log, add 'View Safe personal.ini' option that also hides user/pass.

- Re-organize personal.ini config tab in plugin.

- Yet more fixes for changes.

- Find and include chapter specific images for

- Fix for a bug on a TtH story (empty category tag).

- Add site specific reads, reviews for

- Fix for base_efiction_adapter stories with spans w/o class attr.

- Add support for 'This story has not been validated' in base_efiction_adapter

- Some mcstoriescom stories include <h3> tags that aren't title/chapter/byline.

- Update translations.

Version 2.2.18 - 18 Feb 2016

- Fix for change to story image.

- Fix for author story list change. (Manifests as 'Adult required'.)

- Add byline site specific metadata for AO3.

- Apply *_format ini option to date/time types. For calibre_* columns passed in.

- Change deprecated has_key() to has_attr() on BS objects.

- Adding Word Count post-processing option, like Smarten Punct.

- Fix for html5lib handling noscript oddly, noticed with

- Fix description so calibre doesn't <code> it.

- Add code for lazyload images in base_xenforoforum.

- Correct outdated ini comment re *_filename.

- Fix for replace_br_with_p(htmlheuristics) when author includes <>, thanks Feynor!

- Fix for't use cache on first hit in case added adult cookie.

- Add (partial) translations for Estonian and Norwegian Bokmål

- Add automatic adding of unrecognized metadata in base_efiction. For

- Fix 'In Progress' to 'In-Progress' in & like all the others.

- Fix for Calibre generated covers.

- Adding Incomplete status state to adapter_storiesonlinenet

- Add new AccessDenied exception for one line output in CLI.

- Allow Pairing w/o Centered category -> chars in TtH.

- Update translations.

Version 2.2.17 - 18 Jan 2016

- Fixes for problems with urlparse.parse_qs in adapters and new unique_list with authorId. Also BS4 fixes to

- Adding additional metadata collection, potionsandsnitches & walkingtheplankorg

- Allow Anonymous author for

- Skip (instead of error) if asked to UnNew non-FFF epubs.

- Update translations.

- Update base_xenforoforum for SV threadmark change.

- Fix so ships_CHARS and sort_ships_splits work together.

- Remove defunct site after down for +1 month.

- Update adapter.

- Fix for TtH Story-42 matching Story-421 while searching auth pages.

Version 2.2.16 - 19 Dec 2015

- Update for changes to site.

- Set is_adult cookie for FimF on 'Get URLs from Page' if set in personal.ini.

- Fix for change so one-shot stories will work correctly.

- Improvements to basic chapter_title_strip_pattern, add warning comments for same.

- Add dblquotes around folder name on IMAP lookup. (plugin only)

- Update to BeautifulSoup 4.4.1 everywhere, remove included BS3. Effected parts:
---- MOBI generation
---- replace_br_with_p feature
---- base_efiction adapters
---- Most site adapters.

- Update embedded html5lib from 0.99999 to 0.9999999. (plugin/webservice only)

- Strip <script> tags from HTML. Added for FimF, but applies to all sites.

- Remove 'like' from XenForoForum chapter links in index post.

- Make metadata lists unique even when keep_in_order_.

- Change entities to actual utf8 chars in

- Add keep_html_attrs feature - deprecates keep_style_attr and keep_title_attr.

- Add replace_tags_with_spans feature.

- Fix for yet another site change. Thanks davidfor for figuring it out for me.

- New site Thanks user39189!. Fair warning: is titled "The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive".

- Fix for Thanks again to davidfor for figuring out the problem.

- New centeredcat_to_characters pairingcat_to_characters_ships and romancecat_to_characters_ships features for These default to 'true', set them to false in your personal.ini if you want the old behavior. See:

- Remove HTML comments when using replace_br_with_p.

Version 2.2.15 - 23 Nov 2015

- Add series00-04HTml to defaults.ini for AO3.

- Comment out debug that can cause additional errors depending on content.

- Add html5lib to more BS4 calls, convert another place to BS4.

- Fix for with replace_br_with_p.

- Fix for UnNew epubs with & or double quote in chap title.

- Add sort_ships_splits and ships_CHARS.

- Reduce over long error msgs when editing personal.ini(plugin).

- Update translations(plugin).

- Change str() to unicode() many places.

- Make sort_ships honor doreplacements (and .NOREPL) flag.

- Updates for

Version 2.2.14 - 18 Oct 2015
Fix for some stories on failing -- thanks, cryzed.

More fixes for some stories on failing -- thanks, cryzed.

Move site to new domain while still accepting old URLs.

Remove, domain is parked.

Change site to while still accepting old URLs.

Add check for non-existance/removed story to

Fixes for changes.

Strip leading/trailing single or double quotes from chapter URLs XenForo Base. Author typo fix.

Remove site - domain is parked.

base_xenforoforum: Workaround for when author uses reply URL instead of post URL, continue_on_chapter_error feature, remove 'Story' in front of 'Thread' in title.

Change site to in defaults.ini.

base_xenforoforum: Add user/password login for QuestionableQuesting NSFW subforum. Note that this will mark posts 'read' in the forum for your user.

Add Background Metadata feature during Updates. When updating/overwriting existing books, there's now an option to Collect Metadata from sites in a Background process.

This returns control to you quicker while updating, but you won't be asked for username/passwords or if you are an adult--stories that need those will just fail.

Only available for Update/Overwrite of existing books in case URL given isn't canonical or matches to existing book by Title/Author.

Fix for Overwrite mode.

Fixes for base_xenforoforum #post- URLs -- might effect other site URLs with # anchors.

Account for base href in XenForo so emoticon images work. - Use [epub] nook_img_fix:false to show emoticon images in line.

Correct cover_exclusion_regexp for base_xenforoforum.

Fix for unNew with &amp; in chapter title.

Fixes/New Features for test1.

Update wiki link in defaults.ini.

Tweak to epub logpage that helps with finding desc.

Improve replace_metadata comments in defaults.ini

Change default HTML output to HTML5 header.

Update html tag header at beginning of each epub file. Prompted by failure of old header on latest tolino ereader.

Accept only, not

Fix for issue with Email fetch using last used Add options instead of default Add options.

Fix replace_hr feature.

Version 2.2.13 - 17 Sep 2015
- New site: - Thanks, cryzed!
- Couple minor fixes
- Convert to eFiction Base adapter
- In XenForum Base adapter, convert #post-12345 anchor chapter URLs to permalink URLs before fetching chapter. For problems with some stories linking to posts by the wrong page.
- On UnNew of an anthology, also update individiual toc.ncx files used for EpubMerge UnMerge.
- Fix fall back for FimF cover image when there's a 'medium' but not a 'large' available.
- Fix for author URLs in eFiction Base code. Was using sid instead of uid.
- Fixes for changes to site.
- Changes to adapter to allow storyUrl to change when given a chapter URL.
- Changes to plugin to allow for storyUrl changing--there are other existing adapters that can do it, too.
- Fix for site story URL changes.
- Allow now as well as

Version 2.2.12 - 17 Aug 2015
- New site (base_xenforoforum adapter)

- Add minor fix for chapter parsing.

- Don't require trailing slash on base_xenforoforum.

- Change default encoding to utf8.

- Add additional check for check_next_chapter on ffnet when site it down.

Version 2.2.11 - 31 Jul 2015

- Fixes for

- Add new site (Base eFiction adapter)

- Add new Russian language site -- Thanks to PlushBeaver for adding this.

- New sites and, both base_xenforoforum adapters sharing almost all their code.

(Forums are not really designed to host story, but people use them that way anyway. I recently started reading a fandom (the Worm web serial by Wildbow) and the largest collection of stories I found for it was on a couple of near identical forum sites.)

SpaceBattles Creative Writing

SufficientVelocity User Fiction

The details are complex enough that I've started a new wiki page for future reference. Please refer to it for more details:

- New [base_efiction] and [base_xenforoforum] sections for common settings for eFiction Base and XenForoForum Base adapters respectively.

- Add chapter range to title if used. Can be disabled in ini with title_chapter_range_pattern.

- New description_limit feature to explicitly limit the allowable length of the description. (description_limit)

- New feature to mark "New" chapters when updating existing epub stories.

When mark_new_chapters:true is placed in personal.ini, the system will now mark the new chapters. The string "(new)" is prepended to the chapter title (but after added chapter numbers, if enabled).

If an epub already contain "New" chapter marks is updated again adding more new chapters, the "New" marks will show on both until explicit removed (or file is overwritten).

Users who have customized chapter_start for epub will need to add some additional tags to use the new features.

- Save additional chapter metadata in header of epub chapter xhtml files. Used to determine which chapters to download on update and 'Remove "New" Chapter marks'.

- Remove "New" Chapter Marks from Selected books feature added to Plugin Menu

Once you start marking new chapters to read, you also need a way to unmark them. Configurably auto 'Remove "New"' on 'Mark "Read"' (see checkbox on config 'Reading Lists' tab). Automatically apply 'Delete other formats' and 'Auto Run convert' features when you use Remove "New" Chapter Marks--both explicitly and by marking 'read'.

- New CLI --unnew option - same as above, but for CLI.

- Add 'Download from Email Immediately' optional feature to plugin Email settings tab.

Version 2.2.10 - 14 Jul 2015
Updates for changes.
Add feature - make it optional to set the Calibre Author URL (on Standard Columns tab)
Automatically strip leading/trailing whitespace when saving IMAP settings.
Write IMAP server setting to debug log.
Add new config option: "When checking If Story Already Exists FanFicFare will first match by URL Identifier. But if not found, it can also search existing books by Title and Author(s)." Now you can disable that behavior.
Update translations.

Version 2.2.9 - 25 Jun 2015
Update adapter_nhamagicalworldsus, make a Base eFiction adapter.
Default bulk_load true for all (eFiction Base) adapters.
Exclude doReplacements on add_genre_when_multi_category call to getList('category'). Prevents a possible infinite recursion.
Make passing Calibre Columns in optional and only pass savemetacol data when column is configured to reduce data passed to/from BG processes.
Update translations.

Version 2.2.8 - 08 Jun 2015
Preserve order of URLs fetched from page--especially important for anthologies.

Version 2.2.7 - 08 Jun 2015
Fix add_genre_when_multi_category when genre is empty.
Fix dump_html_metadata for non-string values.
Change 'Fetch from Email' to get longest URL instead of normalized story URL. -- Change by cryzed.
Update translations.

Version 2.2.6 - 29 May 2015
Update html5lib to 0.99999.
Add exception catch for possible corner case on Linux.
Fix add_genre_when_multi_category for AO3 changes to genre/category.
Fix for storiesonline universe parsing (from davidfor).
Change AO3 genre & category to fill with freeformtags, ao3categories & fandoms from defaults.ini instead of by hardcode.
Add support for specific story covers on -- Thanks, davidfor.
Add feature to optionally save all FanFicFare metadata to a custom column.
Add feature to update Calibre metadata from saved custom column, when configured.
Add feature to include pre-existing calibre column data in FanFicFare metadata on story updates.
Set Busy/Wait mouse cursor and emit status message while doing Fetch from Email or Fetch from Web Page.
Normalize story URLs with Fetch from Email to include only one per story (mostly AO3 emails).
Add optional feature to auto-reject URLs from Fetch from Email when on Reject URLs List.
Don't flag ini error on do_update_hook in [].

Version 2.2.5 - 07 May 2015
Fix changing author URLs.
Fix for stories with neither In-Progress or Complete flag.
Fix for bad HTML summary causing crash.
Update translations.

Version 2.2.4 - 29 Apr 2015
More fixes for site changes.
Exclude FimF emoticons as covers by default.
Fall back to smaller cover image in FimF when there's a problem with the larger linked-to cover.
Detect and reject animated gifs in Calibre. They don't work well with the included Calibre image lib. FimF's new fall back will be activated.
Fix for an error in Spanish translation that caused an exception.
Make 'include_images' on by default, remove config checkbox.
Enhance/Clarify Calibre Cover update and Cover Generation.
Add feature to use Calibre's built-in Generate cover.
Improve Reject listing.

Version 2.2.3 - 18 Apr 2015
Fix site changes.
Add site
Updated PI translations (de & es)

Version 2.2.2 - 15 Apr 2015
Change the name to FanFicFare.
Change the FanFicFare icon to green so it's visibly distinct from FFDL.
Fixes for literotica changes.
Fix error in debug output that uses wrong variable.
Change date format for
Explicit html parse for BS4 when reading in existing epub. For cal1.48.
Fix for PI - eFiction Base adapter Anthology Series string.
Update translations.
Change some menu & gui details to be clearer.
Fix for ffnet's latest change to story/cover image.
Fix problems found during trawl through all sites -- and now use eFiction Base.
Remove defunct sites -
Add option to check ffnet auth img vs cover img and not use author images as book covers. Defaults to on, add skip_author_cover:false to [] section if you like author image covers.
Add site as an eFiction Base Adapter.
Fix for anthology from URLs immediately after making non-EPUB single book.

Version 2.1.05 - 26 Mar 2015
Add as a Base eFiction site.
Allow https URLs for
Allow urls.
Bug fix: Change print to logger calls because of caliber pipe errors.
Better error handling of generate_cover_settings params.

Version 2.1.04 - 27 Feb 2015
Add 'Get Story URLs to Download from Email' feature.
Add use_ssl_unverified_context option for SSL issues with
Change to
Add multi-author support for ksarchive.
Add keep_title_attr option. Some sites(AO3) use a tags with title for in-text foreign language translations.
Add language metadata for AO3.

Version 2.1.03 - 28 Jan 2015
Add slow_down_sleep_time:2 to AO3 defaults.
Fix setDescription for adapter_tolkienfanfiction.
Some improvements to replace_br_with_p heuristics, thanks Asbjorn.
Fix for Sequels for FimF.
Updates to Plugin translations from Transifex.

Version 2.1.02 - 12 Jan 2015
Color coding, find text and some error checking of personal.ini edits.
Add universe & crossoverfandom site-specific to ksarchive.
Fixes for FimF, thanks FaceDeer.

Version 2.1.01 - 27 Dec 2014
Fixed adapter and updated to use new HTML parser -- thanks, cryzed.
Fixes for FicWad changes and problems with FicWad login.
Collect either Codes or (Site) Tags for
Add 'score' site specific metadata for -- thanks davidfor.
Accept alternate story URL forms for -- thanks, cryzed.
Deal with squidge/peja injecting Google Analytics script block.
Change ->
Fix for nested HTML comments with old HTML parser.
Remove a debug print in TtH--causes problems with web version.
Optional Progress Bar time estimate feature -- thanks, FaceDeer.
Fix for first-time plugin install so it offers initial add-to-menu dialog.
Known issue: Specific metadata 'eroticatags' for doesn't work on all stories.
Known issue: Metadata collection is not as complete for 'Base eFiction' adapters.

Version 2.1.00 - 10 Dec 2014
The big change this version is the inclusion of new HTML parsing libraries BS4, html5lib and a couple supporting packages. Not all sites are parsed using the new parser, but several are including and AO3.

New Site: scout78
Fixes for changes--thanks FaceDeer.
Update for adapter--make site specific instead of Base eFiction--thanks scout78.
Add new site scout78.
Rename to
Known issue: Specific metadata 'eroticatags' for doesn't work on all stories.
Known issue: Metadata collection is not as complete for 'Base eFiction' adapters.

Version 2.0.10 - 18 Nov 2014
New Site: -- eFiction Base adapter.
Fixes for site changes--'codes' are now 'sitetags', thanks Jeff.
Fix for HTML.
Fix for AO3 fetch after login.
Fix for User-Agent with saved cookie jar.
Fix for ffnet adapter for 'get urls from page'.
Fix for images in stories.
Fix handling of new books and custom_column_settings.
Fix for fimf not working with manual is_adult (caching issue).
Fix for calibre 2.10 keyboard shortcuts change.
Known issue: Specific metadata 'eroticatags' for doesn't work on all stories.
Known issue: Metadata collection is not as complete for 'Base eFiction' adapters.

Version 2.0.9 - 03 Nov 2014
Fix for changed login behavior for the adapter (Thanks, cryzed).
Changes for to login for adult rated stories.
Updates for changes, fixes for image inclusion and password protected stories (Thanks Facedeer and cryzed).
Change to (you'll need to change your personal.ini from [] to [] if you saved your TWCS login.)
Fix for adult rated stories to properly log in.
Improved error reporting for regular expressions in personal.ini.

Version 2.0.8 - 20 Oct 2014
Additional fix for site updates to:

Version 2.0.7 - 20 Oct 2014
Fixes for site updates to: (thanks, facedeer)
Fixes for site updates to:
Fixes for site updates to:
Known issue: Metadata collection is not as complete for 'Base eFiction' adapters.
Known problem: Password protected stories aren't working. FimF changed API access.
Known problem: specific metadata 'eroticatags' for doesn't work on all stories.

Version 2.0.6 - 06 Oct 2014
New Site:
New Site:, thanks scout78.
New Site:, thanks scout78.
Fixes for, thanks scout78.
Fixes for Base eFiction.
Known issue: Metadata collection is not as complete for 'Base eFiction' adapters.
Known problem: Password protected stories aren't working. FimF changed API access.
Known problem: specific metadata 'eroticatags' for doesn't work on all stories.

Version 2.0.5 - 23 Sep 2014
- Fix for AO3 get story list URLs that already have a '?' in them.
- Fix for using a story URL for 'Site Map'. (Messed up series and series numbers.)
- Fixes for site update, from davidfor.
- Add 'extratags' to AllMetadata so it's available for custom columns.
- Only support from calibre v1.48.0 and up for plugin.
- Known problem: Password protected stories aren't working. FimF changed API access.
- Known problem: specific metadata 'eroticatags' for doesn't work on all stories.

Version 2.0.4 - 09 Sep 2014
- New site, thanks John Doe.
- New site:, thanks scout78.
- New eFiction base adapter courtesy of John Doe. This should make it easier for new developers to add eFiction type sites. But it doesn't support all type of metadata.
- New site using eFiction base adapter:, thanks John Doe.
- New site using eFiction base adapter:, thanks John Doe.
- Fix numChapters in
- Fixes for nhamagicalworldsus changes.
- Fix for changes to
- Add/update translations in Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil), German.
- Fix so autoconvert won't delete FFDL's own output.
- Add cookie and page caching between stories and between front and background processing for selected sites:,,,,, and

Version 2.0.3 - 13 Aug 2014
Fix for AO3 authorUrls and authorIds.

Version 2.0.2 - 13 Aug 2014
Fix for AO3 authors all coming out Anonymous.

Version 2.0.1 - 04 Aug 2014
- New German language site, thanks to doe5716.
- New site, thanks to doe5716.
- Add other languages for, thanks to doe5716.
- Fixes for bloodshedverse & spikelover having html tags in title, etc.
- Fix for non-split list replace_metadata.
- Fix for anthology books, don't put author in default anthology comments if only one author.
- Fix to plugin identifiers:"~ur(i|l)..." search string for finding existing books.
- Known problem: Password protected stories aren't working. FimF changed API access.
- Known problem: specific metadata 'eroticatags' for doesn't work on all stories.

Version 2.0.0 - 23 Jul 2014
Now supporting Qt5 and Calibre 2.0 (currently in beta).
Translations updates to French and German and new translation Spanish, courtesy of the volunteers at Transifex.
Apply cover_exclusion_regexp to specific cover images, too
Add site specific reviews to
Allow ffnet story specific covers by default
Add "Reject Without Confirmation" feature (plugin only)
Add Spanish translation (plugin only)
Change default encoding for to Windows-1252
Allow chapterless Fimf stories
Fix for login needed for 'red' rated stories
Known problem: Password protected stories aren't working. FimF changed API access.
Known problem: specific metadata 'eroticatags' for doesn't work on all stories.

Version 1.8.26 - 25 Jun 2014
Fixes for some metadata problems on various sites.
Known problem: specific metadata 'eroticatags' for doesn't work on all stories.

Version 1.8.25 - 21 Jun 2014
New site: -- Thanks, cryzed!
Fix for site recognizer to handle with/without www. using https URLs.
Fix for some utf8 descriptions on fimf.
Site specific metadata 'eroticatags' for
Fix for 'a' flag on custom_columns_settings not working as intended.
Changes to '\,' to better implement split list feature to avoid infinite recursions.
Fix for calibre-injected series--don't treat series as a list, it isn't.
Auto-add http: to URLs starting with //.
Switch to for translations.

Version 1.8.24 - 14 Jun 2014
Now supporting over 100 different sites! Thanks, cryzed, for pushing us over the top.
New site: -- Thanks, cryzed!
New site: (Hungarian language) -- Thanks, cryzed!
New site: (Hungarian language) -- Thanks, cryzed!
Updates for sites:, -- Thanks, cryzed!
Fix for making anthology books when source books don't have number of words.
New '\,' feature to 'split' metadata items in replace_metadata.
category=>Captain America \(Movies\)=>Captain America\,Marvel
The category list will then contain both "Captain America" and "Marvel".

Version 1.8.23 - 07 Jun 2014
New site: -- Thanks, cryzed!
New site: -- Thanks, cryzed!
Updates for site: -- Thanks, cryzed!

Version 1.8.22 - 04 Jun 2014
New site: -- Thanks, cryzed!

Version 1.8.21 - 23 May 2014
Fix for Rating.
Fix for URLs.

Version 1.8.20 - 13 May 2014
Fix for AO3 story not found.
Fix for changing urls.
Fix for removing 'dislikes' in some(all?) cases.
Fix for metadata parsing.

Version 1.8.19 - 05 May 2014
Allow https URLs for
Both allow https URLs and change canonical URLs for to https.
Fix for some stories' summaries on
Add include/exclude metadata feature. And wiki page for it.
Slightly improved connection refused handling.

Version 1.8.18 - 19 Apr 2014
Added workaround for an issue with and blockquotes. Can be turned off by adding fix_fimf_blockquotes:false to the [] section in personal.ini if it causes problems.

Version 1.8.17 - 09 Apr 2014
Fix for a problem with multi-page chapters on Kobo readers.

Version 1.8.16 - 29 Mar 2014
Add Pairing for

Remove some outdated checks against calibre versions that aren't supported now.

Version 1.8.15 - 16 Mar 2014
Fix for https urls.

Add options to turn off author notes on AO3 chapters.

Version 1.8.14 - 09 Mar 2014
Fix for, extra text after date.

Change Job Log output so URLs are more copy/pasteable.

Configurable connection timeout as per FaceDeer's recommendation.

Fix for seriesUrl check.

Fix for AO3 https urls.

On auto-convert, delete target format else convert doesn't run.

Version 1.8.13 - 28 Feb 2014
Fix for https vs http on ffnet (Story does not exist) problem.

Fix for KeyError:'site' problem.

Version 1.8.12 - 24 Feb 2014
Fixes for FimFiction change, thanks FaceDeer.

Set Boolean custom columns from custom_columns_settings, looking for true/t/yes/y/1 vs false/f/no/n/0.

Add a feature to reduce sleep between ffnet requests in initial metadata collection for small download sets.

Make ffnet look-for-next chapter feature optional and default to off.

Version 1.8.11 - 15 Feb 2014
Fix for cover download. This is turned off by default in CLI and plugin due to how many stories in ffnet show the author's picture. In section [] add never_make_cover: false to turn covers on.

Add feature to automatically inject cover from Generate Cover into epub using calibre's Polish feature.

Don't do auto-convert when Updating Calibre Metadata Only.

Version 1.8.10 - 5 Feb 2014
Fix French translation typo that prevents download.
Add auto-convert on download/update feature.
Fix divide by zero error in replace_br_with_p on chapters with no content.
Change to by davidfor to address overzealous culling in text.

Version 1.8.9 - 22 Jan 2014
Leading zeros in version number makes it octal. Remove and bump to 1.8.9.

Version 1.8.08 - 21 Jan 2014
Allow literal strings in custom_columns_settings to set columns.

Version 1.8.07 - 13 Jan 2014
Change default encoding for
Change default encoding and improve metadata for, thanks davidfor.
Fixes for changes.
Fix for 'update' with no updates and 'mark' enabled.
Now with French translation, thanks Ptitprince.

Version 1.8.06 - 23 Dec 2013
Fix for latest ffnet change.
Additional sleep added to ffnet metadata downloads.
New site: Thanks to de3sw2aq1.
Tweak to htmlheuristics for (unicode vs str).

Version 1.8.05 - 12 Dec 2013
Fix issue with AO3 single chapter stories introduced in 1.8.04

Version 1.8.04 - 12 Dec 2013
(v1.8.03 was a testing only version)
Raise minimum calibre version due to changes in identifier:url searching
Alternate URL for
Add do_update_hook to AO3 for updated chapters in the middle
Reorder defaults.ini files to put user/pass is_adult first in all sections
Graceful fail for 'k'HTML when no 'k'Url

Version 1.8.02 - 05 Dec 2013
New Site:
Fix for higher rated stories with not logged in on
Add prequels/sequels &amp; fix groups site specific metadata for
Now including German translation, thanks ILB!
Fix for identifier searchs and Overwrite if Newer with ffnet timestamps.

Version 1.8.01 - 18 Nov 2013
Fix for stories with more than 999 chapters.
Fixes/Enhancements for replace_br_with_p heuristic processing feature. Thanks, Asbjørn Grandt.
Fix for dc:language when none given and defaulting to English.
Fix for 'Default' Generate Cover setting with Internationalization/Localization.

Version 1.8.00 - 18 Nov 2013
Internationalization/Localization code added. If people volunteer to do translations, they'll be able to use FFDL in their own languages.
More fixes. Don't included Updated/Published as characters, don't include excess Misc/Movies/etc categories on crossovers, start using https instead of http.
Improved error messaging for ficwad &

Version 1.7.54 - 13 Nov 2013
Fix for more changes.

Version 1.7.53 - 11 Nov 2013
Fix for changes.
Fixes/Enhancements for replace_br_with_p heuristic processing feature. Thanks, Asbjørn Grandt.

Version 1.7.52 - 09 Nov 2013
Fixes for, thanks davidfor.
Fixes/Enhancements for replace_br_with_p heuristic processing feature. Thanks, Asbjørn Grandt.

Version 1.7.51 - 30 Oct 2013
New site:
Add replace_br_with_p heuristic processing feature. Thanks, Asbjørn Grandt.
Handling for empty chapters. "This chapter has no text."
Handling for's 'Pairings'.

Version 1.7.50 - 23 Oct 2013
Fix for ffnet changes.

Version 1.7.49 - 19 Oct 2013
Fixes for
Tweaks to Config dialog for small screens

Version 1.7.48 - 13 Oct 2013
Fix for an HTML change on

Version 1.7.47 - 13 Oct 2013
New site:
Debug/information output reduced and changed to logging
New Basic option "Mark added/updated books when finished?"

Version 1.7.46 - 29 Sept 2013
Fixes for - Thanks Besnef!
Better Non-BtVS/AtS detection for
do_update_hook for fimf, find newest chapter and update from there when true.

Version 1.7.45 - 21 Sept 2013
Fix for
Don't include empty string dc:subject tags in epub.
Set custom column only if there's a value (mostly for int/float columns).

Version 1.7.44 - 14 Sept 2013
Remove dateutil dependency
Fix for certain stories.
Fix for PI for int/float custom columns setting empty.

Version 1.7.43 - 11 Sept 2013
Fix dates for
Additional groups as site specific data for
Add default_value_status (etc) feature.

Version 1.7.42 - 09 Sept 2013
Longer sleep for ffnet, config User-agent

Version 1.7.41 - 08 Sept 2013
Fix for AO3 stories without any series.

Version 1.7.40 - 07 Sept 2013
Better doc section override order in ini files.
Fix for calibre pre-1.0.0.
Additional series as site specific data for AO3.
Fixes for changes to harrypotterfanfictioncom.
Add User-agent="FFDL/1.7" for all adapters for changes.
(Remove from specific adapters.)

Version 1.7.39 - 31 Aug 2013
Remove work around for last_modified vs author link update issue in calibre 1.0.0--fixed in 1.1.0.
New Feature: add_genre_when_multi_category setting
Work around calibre's auto-split when author contains 'and' 'with' ',' or '&'.

Version 1.7.38 - 24 Aug 2013
Work around for last_modified vs author link update issue in calibre 1.0.0.
Better error reporting of metadata update problems.

Version 1.7.37 - 24 Aug 2013
Work around minor bug (1216398) in calibre 1.0.0. Tags 'A' and 'a' (for example) conflict and prevent metadata update.

Version 1.7.36 - 20 Aug 2013
Make check for Story URL change configurable.
Add configurable options to keep Title/Author the same in Title/Author Sort.

Version 1.7.35 - 06 Aug 2013
Remove some debugging output.
Minor optimizations for adapter lookup.
Get story url lists from sites with adapter, get urls from non-fic sites in CLI.
Warning on update if existing epub has no recognizable chapters.

Version 1.7.34 - 28 Jul 2013
Fixes for,,, and sites.

Version 1.7.33 - 24 Jul 2013
Fix for smarten_punctuation setting in pre-0.9.39 calibre.

Version 1.7.32 - 23 Jul 2013
Fixes for &, add entries to teststory valid list.

Version 1.7.31 - 18 Jul 2013
Drag and drop onto the FFDL plugin button
Smarten Punctuation
sort_ships option
join_string_<entry> option
keep_in_order_<entry> option
replace_metadata <entry>_LIST options

Version 1.7.30 - 09 Jul 2013
New Site: - Thanks Ida!
Improved error handling when ffnet is having problems.
Phoenixsong can have individual chapters req login. Add force_login parameter.
GUI improvements to Basic config and Add/Update dialogs.

Version 1.7.29 - 28 Jun 2013
New Site: - Thanks Ida!
New Site: - Thanks Ida!
Allow domain for

Version 1.7.28 - 22 Jun 2013
Minor fixes to plugin
Fix for stories with HTML in the title

Version 1.7.27 - 10 Jun 2013
Fixes for and
Fall back category parsing for when story has a broken crossover category link.
Restrict url list search on
Add 'Download as New Book?' dialog after 'Change Story URL?', fix author URLs when new author.

Version 1.7.26 - 30 May 2013
New site: - Thanks, Ida!
Add Read & Review counts to and
Fix for numeric site specific values into float/int custom columns for anthologies.

Version 1.7.25 - 26 May 2013
Add keep_style_attr option.
Add [teststory] feature.

Version 1.7.24 - 28 Apr 2013
Catch errors on db.set_cover().
Don't strip lead/trail whitespace from replace_metadata, add feature \s->' ' in replace_metadata replacements.
After adding to reject list, delete only rejects, not those removed from list.
Offer user chance to skip update when the story URL would be changed.

Version 1.7.23 - 12 Apr 2013
New site:
New site:
New site:
Remove defunct site:
Fix author URLs for several sites with leading 'dir' in URL.
Fix for no chapter name for one chapter stories on TtH.
Improved error handling for mobi issues.
Add 'url' to chapter custom formats and class="skip_on_ffdl_update" for updates.
Add anthology_title_pattern feature.

Version 1.7.22 - 08 Apr 2013
Fix for AO3 series URL.
Include notes with chapter text for
Remove support for defunct site:
Remove support for defunct site:

Version 1.7.21 - 05 Apr 2013
Fixes for change to site
Allow ini site section names both with and without www. IE, [] and [] will both work now. If both are included, the section without www overrides the section with it.
Fix for finding URLs during drag & drop of text emails.
Fix for persistent AddDialog size.

Version 1.7.20 - 01 Apr 2013
Another fix for changes.

Version 1.7.19 - 28 Mar 2013
Another fix for changes.

Version 1.7.18 - 28 Mar 2013
Fix for failure to correctly load old JSON settings.
Allow partial download with <url>[1-5] in addition to <url>[1,5].
Add author to chapter TOC for multi-author stories on TtH and WraithBait. (AO3 doesn't reliably report chapter author.)

Version 1.7.17 - 26 Mar 2013
Another fix for changes.
Fix for collision setting when re-opening the add dialog.
Shorten button name to FanFictionDL.

Version 1.7.16 - 25 Mar 2013
Fix for changes.

Version 1.7.15 - 25 Mar 2013
Make Add from URLs and Create Anthology for URLs modeless. That means you can open the Add/Create dialogs to put URLs in while still using the calibre library to look for duplicates, etc.
Add seriesUrl metadata. All sites that FFDL collects series info for now also collect a series URL. The default series on title_page is now a link. Used for...
Check for existing Series Anthology books (by seriesUrl) on story add/update. Similar to Reject List check, but offers to skip if you already have an anthology book for that story's series. (It doesn't offer to update the anthology for you.)
Add user/pass for
Improvements to Reject List feature--allow sorting of reject list by url, title, author (when present). Improve readability of the reject dialogs.

Version 1.7.14 - 18 Mar 2013
Fix for filling int/float custom columns with favs/etc with commas.
Fix for HTML entities in complex replace_metadata setups.
Fixes for site changes.

Version 1.7.13 - 15 Mar 2013
Remove adapter doesn't use it anymore.
Add "add_to_" feature to ini config. Allow higher priority sections to *add* to any ini param rather than replace it.
Add calibre CLI.
Add "marked:ffdl_success/failed" to added/updated/failed books.
Add "Show added/updated" pref using above.
Preserve log page in epub across overwrites as well as updates.
Drag and drop emails from Thunderbird on FFDL URL box to add URLs.

Version 1.7.12 - 04 Mar 2013
Use existing anthology title on update, even when a series.
Add anthology=true metadata for anthology covers, etc.
Page scrape story descriptions again for due to API issues.
Fix login failure for tth.

Version 1.7.11 - 27 Feb 2013 -> Ficwad changed their canonical domain. You'll need to change [] to [] in your personal.ini.

Version 1.7.10 - 19 Feb 2013
Include author notes in chapters on
Add Epub Anthology feature. - Requires EpubMerge 1.3.1+ Plugin.

Version 1.7.9 - 06 Feb 2013
New site: -- Thanks Ida!
New site: -- Thanks Ida!
Now accepting URLs for stories.

Version 1.7.8 - 04 Feb 2013
Fix author URLs for multiple author stories.

Version 1.7.7 - 04 Feb 2013
Improve error handling, add retry for
Strip leading 0s from story ids for canonical ids in AO3.
Include hyphenation test case in test1 adapter.
Make get list url from page fill add dialog, not view log. (PI only)
Better fix for Nook hyphenation issue--Nook now honors adobe-hyphenate: none.
Remove extra newlines introduced by writer_epub on updates.
Fix broken lastupdate tags feature. Defaulted off for PI.
Optimize adding to Reading Lists on add/update. (PI only)

Version 1.7.6 - 28 Jan 2013
Fix for a change in's handling of password protected stories.
Fix for's changed date format.

Version 1.7.5 - 15 Jan 2013
New site: (Thanks Dan!)

Version 1.7.4 - 14 Jan 2013
New site: (Thanks Ida!)
Improved error reporting in background jobs.

Version 1.7.3 - 05 Jan 2013
New site: (Thanks Ida!)
New site: (Thanks Ida!)
New site: (Thanks Ida!)
New Spanish language site supported: (Thanks Dan!)
New site: (Yes, this site has been frozen since March 2009.)
More workarounds for's API issues.

Version 1.7.2 - 02 Jan 2013
New Spanish language site (Thanks Dan!)
Remove site's been gone for awhile.
Correct AO3 extra metadata freefromtags to freeformtags. freefromtags will continue to work for those already using it.
Workaround for's API issue with non-viewable chapters given.
Add feature to set reason for several Reject URLs at once. PI only.

Version 1.7.1 - 15 Dec 2012
Allow % escapes in ffnet story URLs and use larger ffnet story cover images.
Force bgcolor in JPG output images when source images have transparency.
Add 'collections' to AO3 specific metadata.
Clear Reject List cache when switching libraries.

Version 1.7.0 - 26 Nov 2012
Set Language to Italian for
Allow replace_metadata to effect Language metadata.
Fix cover images
Default calibre language to English for new stories not otherwise marked
New Rejected URL list feature

Version 1.6.19 - 14 Nov 2012
Fixes for
Allow 'On Hiatus' status for
Recognize calibre identifier uri as well as url.

Version 1.6.18 - 07 Nov 2012
Update date format.
Switch from BeautifulStoneSoup to BeautifulSoup.
Precompile metadata_replace regexps for performance.
Change summary td to div in for table titlepages.
Tidy some more poor HTML on
Honor begin/end chapters on update. For testing purposes.

Version 1.6.17 - 31 Oct 2012
New site: (Italian language site)

Version 1.6.16 - 28 Oct 2012
New site: (thanks besnef)
New site: (thanks besnef)
Fixes for changes to formatting.
Fix for bad author on twiwritenet with some skins.
Change from to due to the domain expiring.

Version 1.6.15 - 23 Oct 2012
Fix for some stories on
Fix for some stories on
Add conditional replace_metadata feature
Extra metadata for fimfiction

Version 1.6.14 - 17 Oct 2012
Changes to logging to make more logging visible in PI and the same across web/CLI/PI.
Don't number chapter when only one chapter even if add_chapter_numbers is on.
Fix a bug where cover could still be partially set to an image in the cover_exclusion_regexp list.
Add include_images support for HTML format.
Preserve id and class attributes on the HTML tags. (This is for users who want more control from output_css. I don't *think* it will hurt anything for other users...)
Change to use more relaxed HTML parser due to problems with some stories.
Change HTML format output to include title/author in file name that appears inside zip file.

Version 1.6.13 - 08 Oct 2012
Fix for identifiers URL search.

Version 1.6.12 - 03 Oct 2012
New site (thanks, Ida)
Fix, &
Add add_chapter_numbers: toconly option.
Better handling of 'Anonymous' stories on AO3.
Allow empty descriptions(summary).
Make just about all the output formatting customizable. See

Version 1.6.11 - 26 Sep 2012
Fix bbcode'd summary issue with
Fix get urls from web page bugs.
Fix bug with custom_column_settings 'a' when no data.
Add fanfictiondownloader_macmenuhack.txt 'feature' for Mac users with crash issue.
Improved include_in_* handling.
Change 'version' metadata to plugin version.
Add replace_metadata by metadata key feature.
Additional site-specific metadata for AO3.
Fix 'www.' handling for input URLs.
Fix bug with
Fix extratags bug.

Version 1.6.10 - 21 Sep 2012
New sites, (thanks Marillapm)
Allow individual site adapters to add extra metadata entries to the standard ones. (key word: extra_valid_entries)
Allow custom labels on title/log pages for extra metadata entries. (key words: themes_label, cliches_label, etc)
Allow those extra metadata to be included in titlepage/logpage, or added to existing metadata entries. (key words: extra_titlepage_entries, extra_logpage_entries, include_in_genre, etc)
Allow new, purely composite, metadata entries to be made from existing and extra metadata entries. (key words: include_in_*)
Allow existing metadata entries to be redefined. If one site has what you think should be category and genre reversed, for example, you could swap them. (key words: include_in_category, include_in_genre, etc)
Allow calibre custom columns to be populated from the new extra metadata entries. (key word: custom_columns_settings)
New configuration options to add to titlepage_entries, logpage_entries or include_subject_tags for specific sites (instead of replace it). (key words: extra_titlepage_entries, extra_logpage_entries, extra_subject_tags)
Allow the format for Published, Updated and Packaged dates on titlepage/logpage to be configured in personal.ini. (key words: dateCreated_format, datePublished_format, dateUpdated_format)
Cover support for
A fix for Rating.
Loosen url check on AO3 to allow more copy/paste URLs.
Fix author on due to site/skin changes.

Version 1.6.9 - 14 Sep 2012
New site (thanks, Ida)
New option features strip_chapter_numbers and add_chapter_numbers to remove and add numbers to chapter titles.
Fix BBEncoded summaries for, improved handling for HTML in summaries in general. Default keep_summary_html:true to now.
Added code to prevent crashing when include_images accidentally turned on for non-epub formats.

Version 1.6.8 - 06 Sep 2012
Add 'Relationships' metadata for sites that support it, or are dedicated to a 'ship.
Add 'extracategories', 'extragenres', etc to ini to avoid hard coding them in the adapters.
Special code to *not* include Config & About menu options for Mac users. (Can still configure plugin from calibre's configuration.) Causes some Macs to crash.
Fix for adapter for different skins.
Fix for &amp; in tags.
Scroll custom column config tab for users with lots of custom columns.

Version 1.6.7 - 27 Aug 2012
Allow shortcuts for config & about menu items to prevent crashes on some unpatched Macs.
Allow https urls (replace to http).
Fix for extra tags inside metadata on

Version 1.6.6 - 25 Aug 2012
New site:
Add adobe-text-layout: optimizeSpeed; to epub CSS to prevent hyphenation on Nook STR(it loses parts of the hyphenated word sometimes.)

Version 1.6.5 - 23 Aug 2012
New site:
New site:
New site:
New site:

Version 1.6.4 - 18 Aug 2012
Fix for Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Count Page setting.
Workaround for bad html in some story summaries on

Version 1.6.3 - 06 Aug 2012
Optionally keep an Update Log of past updates (epub only). See personal.ini include_logpage option.
Fix for stories with more than 9 chapters.
'Get Story URLs from Web Page' now uses AO3 user/pass if saved in personal.ini.
'Collection' style AO3 story URLs now work.

Version 1.6.2 - 01 Aug 2012
Fix for to prevent genre(s) appearing as a character on certain stories.

Version 1.6.1 - 01 Aug 2012
Remove extra html body from ancient ffnet chapters.
Add 'newonly' feature for standard and custom columns in plugin.

Version 1.6.0 - 27 Jul 2012
Options now stored inside the Library rather than an external JSON file.

Version 1.5.46 - 22 Jul 2012
Correct integration of, &

Version 1.5.45 - 22 Jul 2012
New Site:
New Site:
New Site:
Minor fixes for,,

Important Plugin Change: FFDL now uses a different, calibre system dialog before updating the library now. This dialog cannot be automatically skipped like the old one. The way it worked before risked corrupting your library if something else was trying to modify it at the same time.

Version 1.5.44 - 15 Jul 2012
New Site:
New Site:
New Site:
New Site:
New Site:
New Feature: Multiple authors per story. Currently supported for AO3, TtH and More will be added as we become aware that they use multiple author.
New Plugin Feature: Option to call 'Count Pages' plugin on new/update. Requires Count Pages 1.6.0 or better.
Fixes for latest change.

Version 1.5.43 - 08 Jul 2012
New Site:
New Site:
New Site:
Fixes for a couple obscure problems with calling Generate Cover.

Version 1.5.42 - 06 Jul 2012
Fix for latest change to prevent id:12345 appearing as a character.

Version 1.5.41 - 04 Jul 2012
Fix for on iBooks
Fix for img urls with spaces
Fix for 'Adding/Updating BAD books' status message

Version 1.5.40 - 02 Jul 2012
New Site:
New Site:
Added Support for and username and password.
Set Updated Date to Published Date when not found (fix for recent FFNet changes.)
Fix for fallback metadata labels, allow other text in titlepage_entries
New 'Error Column' feature - On update/overwrite fail, save error msg to a custom column.
Note: As part of the fix, the configuration section for AO3 is now [], not []. Please change your personal configuration accordingly, if you have customized your settings for
Note that doesn't just require you to say 'yes, I'm an adult'. To see adult content there outside certain hours, you have to have an official government German, Austrian or Swiss ID card or passport number.

Version 1.5.39 - 28 Jun 2012
Another fix for's latest changes--prevent 'Status: Complete' from appearing as a character.

Version 1.5.38 - 28 Jun 2012
New Site:
New Site:
New Site:
Fix for poor summary html on

Version 1.5.37 - 28 Jun 2012
Fixes for's latest changes.

Version 1.5.36 - 18 Jun 2012
(1.5.35 skipped)
- Better error handling for bad image_max_size parameter.
- Fix issue with covers and non-epub formats.
- Fix series# with javascript and different warning#s. geturls w/javascript.

Version 1.5.34 - 16 Jun 2012
Another fix for changed metadata on ffnet.

Version 1.5.33 - 16 Jun 2012
New sites:

That's 51 different supported sites now. Thanks, Ida!

New features:
- Add 'Get Story URLs from Web Page' feature to plugin and CLI(-l).
- Plugin - Add some title output lists in the jobs detail window.
- Add cover image to, but default 'never_make_cover: true' for ffnet.

- Fixes for ffnet characters metadata.
- Fix error in ashwinder from using a different skin.

Version 1.5.32 - 11 Jun 2012
Fix for AO3 'anonymous' stories.
Fix for
Allow as well as

Version 1.5.31 - 09 Jun 2012
Fix for SIYE metadata for stories in a series.
Fix for login.
Fix for login.

Version 1.5.30 - 08 Jun 2012
Add login/is_adult for

Version 1.5.29 - 07 Jun 2012
New Site: by Ida
New Site: by Ida
New Site: by Ida

Version 1.5.28 - 06 Jun 2012
Fix new/overwrite missing 'begin' KeyError. Plugin only.

Version 1.5.27 - 05 Jun 2012
Fix for's latest changes.
Allow chapter range after URLs in Add New.
Preserve META-INF/calibre_bookmarks.txt on epub update.
Option to only create/overwrite cover on new, not update.
Make accept too.
New site: by Ida.

Version 1.5.26 - 29 May 2012
New Site: by Ida.
New Option: Under [txt] wrap_width to control word wrap width in text output.

Version 1.5.25 - 27 May 2012
Fix for ffnet genres, characters, status.

Version 1.5.24 - 25 May 2012
New Site: by Ida
New Option: Inject calibre series if no series on site.

Version 1.5.23 - 20 May 2012
New Site: by Ida
New Site: by Ida
New Site: by Ida
New Site: by Ida
New Site: by Ida
New Site: by Ida
New Site: by Ida
New Site: by Ida

Version 1.5.22 - 18 May 2012
New Site: by Ida

Version 1.5.21 - 18 May 2012
New feature - Option to search epub text for story URL when not found in metadata.
New feature - Option to only run GC on new books, not updates.

Version 1.5.20 - 12 May 2012
(1.5.19 skipped)
New Site: by Ida
New Site: by Ida
New Site: (WWOMB) by Jim (This does not support other sections of, or the other files under that aren't in the Fiction instance.)

Version 1.5.18 - 08 May 2012
(1.5.17 skipped)
Allow calls to Generate Cover plugin on create/update.

Version 1.5.16 - 25 Apr 2012
Fix for Yet Another numeric entity issue.

Version 1.5.15 - 22 Apr 2012
Fix for 'Hide this banner' title issue on Archive of Our Own.
Changed implementation of fimfiction to use provided API, thanks to Althaine.

Version 1.5.14 - 17 Apr 2012
Change "Include images in EPUBs?" to effect [epubs], not [defaults].
Kludge for incomplete story image URLs on

Version 1.5.13 - 11 Apr 2012
New Site: -- Thanks to Ida Leter for implementing this.
Fix for Python GC'ing menu objects if they don't have an explicit Python reference saved.

Version 1.5.12 - 09 Apr 2012
Set calibre's author link field from authorUrl. Thanks to jackr for pointing out it's existence, and davidfor for showing where to find it.

Version 1.5.11 - 24 Mar 2012
Another work around for when SGMLParser's poor entity handling meets poor HTML.

Version 1.5.10 - 19 Mar 2012
New site:, thanks to Jade Aislin for implementing this
Fixes for user/pass, better handling for summary and is_adult levels.
Allow default_cover_image to use ${title}, etc; add cover_exclusion_regexp feature to exclude images from being covers.

Version 1.5.9 - 16 Mar 2012
Remove site following complaints from the site administration.
New Site:
New Site: Thanks to Sam for implementing these.
Make 'Update Calibre Only' add a new book if no matching book found.
Minor improvement to column updates for new stories.
Improve image support for a couple of obscure cases. only - Write 'Chapter does not exist' chapter when chapter is in list, but does not exist.
Add is_adult check to twiwrite for when user on site is not set to adult.
Change td in portkey chapter text to div for nook.

Version 1.5.8 - 06 Mar 2012
New Site:
New Site:
New Site:
New Site:
Also improved category handling of

Version 1.5.7 - 01 Mar 2012
Support for downloading images in the story text.
Support for cover image from three different sources.
Support to resize, make grayscale, and convert images to jpg.
Option for plugin to update calibre cover image on metadata update.
Major re-write of EPUB update to support images.
Improved handling of ini section priority.
New 'Stay on Top' option for 'Add New from URL(s)' dialog for easier drag-n-drop.
Add replace_hr option to replace <hr> tags with '* * *'
Support for's locked story passwords, including an option to declare locked stories 'failed'.
Add an 'Include images in EPUBs' checkbox to duplicate some personal.ini settings.
nook_img_fix option - wrap img tags with div if not already wrapped with div or p for a nook problem. Defaults to true.

Version 1.4.6 - 24 Feb 2012
New Site: -- Thanks to Ida Leter for implementing this.
Fix for URL copy/paste from Chrome.
Improvements to metadata for AO3.

Version 1.4.5 - 22 Feb 2012
Fix for ffnet minor format change.

Version 1.4.4 - 21 Feb 2012
Minor fixes to ffnet and

Version 1.4.3 - 15 Feb 2012
New Russian language site: -- Thanks to Ida Leter for implementing this.
Language metadata now collected for and
Fix Character metadata on

Version 1.4.2 - 13 Feb 2012
Fix a bug with HTML entity processing.

Version 1.4.1 - 12 Feb 2012
New feature - Allow user to set custom CSS in personal.ini for HTML and EPUB output.
New feature - Allow user to set custom regular expressions in personal.ini to modify metadata.
New feature - Use Accept-Encoding=gzip to speed download. (Not sites will use it--it's common for sites to block gzip based on User-Agent.)
Add progress bars while collecting URLs from stories for list and for updates.
Make ini edit Courier and 1pt larger than default font.

Version 1.3.4 - 04 Feb 2012
Fixed a bug that caused stories with a footer to crash for AO3. (Thanks, Ida)
Removed sleep from ficwad adapter.
Fixed menu/hotkey update when switching libraries.

Version 1.3.3 - 31 Jan 2012
Better date kludge for don't give years for updated/published.

Version 1.3.2 - 30 Jan 2012
New site: -- Thanks for Ida Leter for implementing this.
Change to use genre instead of category.

Version 1.3.1 - 28 Jan 2012
New feature: Fill Custom Columns with Story Metadata. Look in Config to set it up.
New feature: Collect and update Series column.
Improved drag-and-drop of URLs onto the Add New URL text box. Dragging URLs in adds now instead of replaces, and copies the URL, not the pretty text.
Added a 'show this again' checkbox to the dialog for reviewing updates before applying them. When unchecked, updates will be applied immediately if there were no problems.
Added a progress bar while applying updates, which can be lengthy.
Don't disable menu items(like update) when there are no books selected. It broke the keyboard shortcut if the menu hadn't rebuilt since books were selected.
Make the FanFictionDownLoader button (which does add or update, depending on whether books are selected) available for keyboard shortcut.
Fix date change for adastra.
Fix URL pattern, metadata collection for SIYE.

Version 1.2.3 - 22 Jan 2012
Fix for tz aware vs naive dates.
'Fix' for ffnet look ahead for 1 chapter stories.

Version 1.2.2 - 19 Jan 2012
Fix to 'Keep tags'.
Fix to extratags.
'Fix' for ffnet updates coming out before the web site updates everywhere.

Version 1.2.1 - 17 Jan 2012
Fixes for date updating.
Fix for English name months for users running non-English locale computers.

Version 1.2.0 - 16 Jan 2012
New feature - Options to update Reading List plugin lists for device sync and keeping a list of new books to read.
Plugin configuration now tied to library. Different libraries can have different settings.
Shortcut button in plugin config to dialog for assigning hotkeys.
List of Characters now parsed and saved for most supported sites.

Version 1.1.3 - 10 Jan 2012
Fixed lastupdate feature in include_subject_tags.
Separated Plugin defaults.ini from web/CLI defaults.ini to remove unusable options.
Config option to keep existing tags when updating metadata. Complete/In-Progress will still be updated, and Last Updated tags will be updated if lastupdate in include_subject_tags.

Version 1.1.2 - 09 Jan 2012
Restructure of background processing, improved update of existing books, added SIYE, other fixes.

Version 1.0.3 - 30 Dec 2011
Initial Release on forums.
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