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Benson Bear: Thanks for taking the time out to suggest a way around the metadata. But a) I don't know what / where the sqlite database is and (b) I don't understand a lot of the suggestions you made. Like this one:

For example, I extract the title from various all my converted SEP html files and stuff them into the epubs with the one line

for $x in `echo *`; do ebook-meta $x/$x.epub -t "`sed -nr 's/<title>(.*)<.title>/\1/p' $x/index.html`"; done
But how does it extract the title if the information isn't already there? How will it know which words in the file name belong to the author, and which to the title? Would this involve typing the author and file name again?

Well you can read a document for work on it. I don't see why one needs organising options just to read a book.
That's true, but I'm talking about finding a document within a scholarly library. Kobo boasted that the device could carry a thousand ebooks (up to 30,000 with the SD card, not that I would need that many) so I thought it fair to assume that it would have a decent organising system ready to use. Why not enable it to recognise user defined folders? My mp3 player has the option to use folders or the metadata. Would it have been hard for a company like Kobo to enable that?

Let us collect together a list of people who want pdf reading to be as easy as epub. THIS IS EASY TO ADD! Also, the search I mentioned would be easy to add as well.
Wishful thinking. Kobo has a page on the site and nine months ago a Kobo rep said that organising capabilities were under consideration by the development team. We're still waiting for that, but luckily we can now post about what we're reading on facebook.

filmo: yes, I suspect I do have the wrong e-reader. I wish I had the time to learn enough about programming to make the KT closer to it. But had I known this simple and elegant device was flawed in so many ways, I would definitely not have bought it.
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