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Originally Posted by v1k1ng1001 View Post
If anyone asked to sit in my class, I would let them. I'm always amazed that more folks don't sit in on evening courses at their local universities.

Even if you can't sit in on a course, there are tons of resources available.
In short, just dig a little bit and you can educate yourself on whatever interests you, at your own pace, for free.
You are very generous v1k1ng1001. My local university used to run Adult Ed day & evening courses but has now dropped all of them them, the campus is dark in the evening ... such a waste of facilities.

I have found some courses locally but there are very, very few in the less softer topics such as engineering and science so I'm having to rely on the internet as you suggest. This doesn't address the problem of access to equipment and materials though which is where a University or college would come in handy.
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