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Well, unfortunately, my library was corrupted during a failed copy/erase when the receiving thumb drive was full. It was not due to turning in a library book. And, my library of 4886 document titles is too many to go one by one to see if there is a document present.
This discussion did get me looking at the various information tabs available. I did a search of formats:"=EPUB" or formats:"=PDF" or formats: ... for all the document types, and then highlighted all of the titles displayed. I'm doing a copy/erase to another directory. If things work as I expect, I should be left with only those titles that have no document within their directory. I can then delete these. This is much faster than going file by file. I suspect this is going to work, but there are quite a few files being transferred. So we'll wait and see.
It would be nice, if under the formats tab, that a no formats present tab was present.
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