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Post [Android] Calibre Companion List View+Grouping Drawer Dark Background on E-Ink Device

Originally Posted by chaley View Post
@Incanus: did your device flash white screens as you changed from book list view to book details or when you opened settings?
No, in both cases it didn't.

Originally Posted by chaley View Post
I hope not, because that means that the newer generation of e-ink devices work better.
That would appear to be the case. After all, we are talking about the top of the line android E-reader devices; they are not exactly cheap, mind you.

Originally Posted by chaley View Post
I will look at what it takes to make night view and e-ink corrections work together. I do have an ulterior motive -- I would like to use it.
Your ulterior motive is my invested interest so, good for me: the author wants this feature too! Do please keep me/us posted

Originally Posted by chaley View Post
Do you have any comments on the Likebook Mars? I am looking to replace my Afterglow (very old and the USB connector is failing).
  • Screen size / resolution: like reading from an actual book (7.8") instead of a pocket edition (6")
  • Reader native application: good and flexible enough for me but if you don't like it, you have your pick of many Android reading app alternatives
  • Library management: adequate for a small library (~1.000 or less ebooks) and poor for a large library (say, like mine) but that's why I got Calibre Companion first and the E-Ink device after
  • Battery life: even if you only have Calibre Companion installed, with the device on airplane mode (or: Wi-Fi off andf Bluetooth off) and using it only as an E-reader (as opposed to using it as an E-Ink multimedia Android tablet... which you may) battery will last for a week or so. Beyond that, there's a twisting tweaking path that I've barely began to thread (dare I say it, am I waxing poetic here?)

Hope this helps and, once again, thank you for such a good app.



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