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Exclamation [Android] Calibre Companion List View+Grouping Drawer Dark Background on E-Ink Device

Originally Posted by chaley View Post
You can try turning off "Attempt color correction for E-Ink" in Settings / Other, then check the "Night View" box in the drop down menu. That gives you light grey on black. I don't really like it on my Afterglow (e-ink) because the grey isn't light enough and it flashes white as I change the page, but perhaps your device will behave differently or you won't mind.
The text becomes invisible in my Likebook Mars in:
  • List View
  • Grouping Drawer
  • Details for an individual ebook
  • Main settings screen

The following text remain visible:
  • Main view menu options
  • Main view action bar options
  • Setttings suboptions/ submenus

So: "Night View" / Dark Mode is not an option on my Likebook Mars.

Would I like to have it? Obviously, I wouldn't be asking otherwise

Can live without it? Certainly.

Would I have bought the Likebook Mars without CC and the library management posibilities it made available? I think not.

Originally Posted by chaley View Post
And off topic: thanks for the compliments in the other threads.
Nay, good sir, 'tis all fair, since your software made E-Ink Android devices a viable choice for me, having a rather large library (~12.000 titles) managed with Calibre:
  • Superb integration with Calibre and it's library, either on LAN, internet or cloud access
  • Bountiful search, grouping and filtering options
  • Excelent interface and response time, specially so for a extensive library such as mine and from the SDCard, no less

Much obliged,

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