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Originally Posted by Toeknee View Post
I have experienced the same issue. The unit will randomly freeze on the page turn. When it happens, the buttons still beep, so the button push is acknowledged but nothing happens. The only button that works (kind of) is the power button. One push/release gets the keyboard locked message. Another push/release does nothing. From here, the only solution is to hold the power button till the unit shuts down. I have only been reading .prc files so far. I have some epubs and have been able to flip around through them without crashes, but have not done a reading session with an epub yet. I upgraded the firmware but the problem persists.
I can confirm having exactly the same problem you described Toeknee. I use mostly epub and pdf files but I was also having it when I switched to some other file types as an experiment (think it was prc). At first I though it was related to letting the machine sit around with power on, as I would often come back and find it in that state. That may be the case, but the more I read the more I noticed it happening even during a normal reading session.

This was with a slate blue PPro, updated with the first (only?) firmware update. Files were being read off a 16 gb class 6 sdhc card that was about half full.

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