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A Little confused here

Hi All

I got my first eReader today - a nice red PRS-505 and boy am I pleased with it

I am using calibre to organise my library and upload books to my reader and in preperation I added several ebooks to my library all of which were in pdf format. These are text only books with no graphics bar the cover shot.

Now, I uploaded one to my reader - no problem there. I then proceeded to read it on the 505 and OMG how slow was it between pages - must have counted 4/5 seconds!

So, I remember some people saying about converting the format so using calibre I converted the pdf to epub and uploaded again. This was much better, pretty much instant page turns and the page numbering was better (i.e. in pdf on medium font I flicked through 3 pages before the reader said page 2).

My question is this:

1. In Calibre on the book I converted I only see one copy listed but when you click it, under formats at the bottom, it lists two: pdf, epub. How can I delete the pdf version?

2. When adding books to my Calibre library, can I auto convert them to ePub?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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