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Question PDF issues

Okay....and again I'm back....

Everything seems to be converting to the way I want, the books are going to my K3 the way I want...except for PDFs.

These still maintain a title that I do not want. I want everything uniform.

This is what I have under Preferences:

ADDING BOOKS: Regular Expression (?P<author>[^_-]+) -?\s*(?P<series>[^_0-9-]*)\s*-\s*(?P<title>[^_].+) ?
The above expression has been working perfectly for me...except with PDFs. The PDFs still continue to have the author name in the title of the book, although the Calibre is showing the author and title are separate.

SENDING BOOKS TO DEVICES: {authors}/{title} - {authors} with Automatic Management marked for metadata.
So far the above do-dad is working well...

TWEAKS: # Control formatting of title and series when used in templates save_template_title_series_sorting = 'Strictly_Alphabetic'

This is what I want my K3 to show: Within the collection called Debbie Macomber, a book should read "Angels Everywhere 02 - The Trouble With Angels". CURRENTLY, it is showing Debbie MacomberAngels Everywhere 02 - The Trouble With Angels

SO. How do I get the PDFs to keep the name that I give them when they are uploaded to K3?

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