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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
No problem, I didn't want to put too much info in initially as I wasn't sure where you were at.

Ok, by "add options" I meant your settings in Preferences->Adding books. Depending on your setting in there, when you add a book it will either read the metadata (title, author etc) from metadata stored inside the book (if available, only certain formats support this like EPUB), or it will read it from the filename. The "fun" of regular expressions is only needed if the add is needing to use the filename to determine this. If you only have a small number of books, you may just find it all easier to not worry about any of that. Just get the books into Calibre and manually edit the rows in the grid or use the Edit Metadata dialogs to reflect the correct author/title/series for each book. If you have a large collection and all your books have a standard naming format then perhaps someone can give you the regular expression you need.

Yay you indeed

On some devices that you connect to Calibre, the way the files are named and folders structured are important, because the device makes use of that as a way to present ways of finding your books on it.

In the case of the Kindle, for that purpose it has less or no relevance I believe. On a Kindle it doesn't matter whether you store the books in a folder per author, or per series, or everything in one giant folder. . For a MOBI file on the Kindle I don't believe the filename has any relevance either, and that the Kindle just looks at the metadata stored in the MOBI file (correct me if wrong someone!). My guess is that it uses the internal MOBI metadata, or else why would you bother with plugboards for a Kindle?

I'll let someone else comment on that if they can, I'm not a plugboard guru myself. What I can say is that this will affect how your Kindle displays the title when you look at it on there. However you have to get the data "right" in your "title" and "series" columns first for this to work, which comes from step 1 above.

Don't worry about it, I don't have a clue how some of this stuff works either . That's what the forum is all about. A while ago I asked if someone could point me to a "Gumbie's guide to getting books on my Kindle", and I believe some work was started on that by the same generous soul who has another invaluable guide to tips and tricks for the Kindle. I haven't had time to visit recently his Wiki pages about it all but you may find them useful - here is the thread discussing it

When I look at my Preferences-> Adding Books, there is nothing marked but "Swap Author Firstname and Lastname". I have a lot of different ebook formats such as PDF, Lit, MOBI, epub and a couple of HTML. I believe those are the main ones I have. I have tons of books btw. So, you believe it would be easier to just import into Calibre and then change the data in all of the columns for each book. Okay, I can handle that. hahaha

I will take a look at the link you provided. Gumbie's THAT is funny! That made my night!!!
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