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Back to the drawing board...

So I started this thread a few months ago, seeking an eBook reader. I eventually decided to purchase a Samsung Q1-U under the theory that even if it didn't turn out to be a great eBook reader, I was pretty sure I could find some use for a little computer.

Well, the Samsung doesn't make a great eBook reader. It's thick, surprisingly heavy for its size, runs hot, and is not very comfortable to hold in portrait mode. (It's not particularly comfortable to hold in landscape mode either, for that matter.) It's got a measly 1GB of RAM which isn't nearly enough to run the Vista Home Premium it comes preinstalled with... although I've recently blown out the OS to install the new Ubuntu MID edition, I don't think that'll solve the problems with using the device as an eBook reader. In short, I was looking for a good way to carry around a lot of books in a small space and read them in comfort and convenience, and I'm still looking.

To recap my parameters:
  • Money is no object, as long as I'm getting what I pay for.
  • I'm a tech-freak, gadget-lovin' early adopter, so lots of really cool bells and whistles are a big plus.
  • Easy reading of full-page PDFs is virtually a necessity.
  • Nothing from Sony. Ever. The entire corporation can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned... but that attitude of mine is for reasons that are way beyond the scope of this forum.

Given that... any recommendations for me? Thanks much in advance.
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