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Thanks for the advice. Did not know highlighting was available in the content server until I tried it.

The problem I have is that the only computer running 24/7 is a Windows 2012 server and as you know to start the content server I need to log on as a user. This means that every time an update is installed the content server goes offline. I normally leave the server running without interference - provides email and web hosting as well.

It will only be on one device where there will be an ebook with highlighted text that I would wish to keep for future reference. I can do what I want manually.

1) Add the epub to the device.

2) Read and highlight selected text.

3) Delete the library copy.

4) Copy/Move the device version to the calibre library.

My original question was to see if this could be automated.

I have since I first posted been wondering if I could automate this by creating a plugin although the effort might not be worth it for the few books that I need to highlight.

Thanks again for the responce.

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