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Originally Posted by Sonylistens View Post
Hello slvrsplsh,

My name is Amanda and I work on the Sony Support team. I'm very sorry to see that you are so upset with Sony's customer service. I would love to review your file and make sure it was handled properly. I understand that you are just a few days out of warranty. Please send me an email to and make sure to include contact information, model information and any previous reference numbers you may have. I will review your case and get back in touch with you as soon as possible. I look forward to working with you!

Best regards,
Amanda Jeter
Sony Support USA

Sony Corporation Failed to honor warranty repair on the Laptop I bought Last April 2012.
Sony as corporation violated California Consumer legal remedies act.
I reported no picture screen issue on my Sony Laptop on January 11 2013,After submitting all documentations I got the ok to take my laptop to a Sony local repair facility,On January 12 I took the laptop to the Sony Store in Sta Monica After the technician look and isnpected the Laptop determined it needs to be send out to Laredo Texas to have reeplace its Lcd Screen.
He states on his Paperwork no physical damaged and it marks the Laptop is under Warranty on the diagnostic Sheet.
Few Days later I received a phone call from their tech support in Philippines asking me for the purchase receipt other ways it won't be covered under the warranty, I told him the agent that took the original report clear up this issue because I sent him a copy document from the Sony website stating also the Unit is under warranty."He Threated and push me to get the purchase receipt otherways it won't be cover under the warranty" he said,I told him it would create such inconvenience to get it possibly from 10 to 20 days delay. So I decide to file a complaint for the Waranty process with Sony Customer Relations ,I filed on e-mail a formal complaint for the contradictory statement from their tech suppport.So the time goes, Sony Customer Relation rep backed their Tech agent from Phillipines asking me to provide her the purchase Receipt,I told her the same it would be an inconvenience to get the receipt for the time I have to wait from the store.
By the week of January 25 I was told by a Lady agent from Laredo Texas to repair the Laptop it would cost me around $317.00 and even if is covered under the warranty services it won't cover because the physical damaged on the laptop,
I replied her : "You guys have contradictory statements" the Technician in the Sony store says is not Physical damaged is not damaged on the bezel or its screen.And Now you are telling me there is a physical damaged,I asked her to send me back the laptop so I can have a private technician to repair it. Knowing this I escalated this issue to Linda (an executive in San Diego California) I told her my horrible experience that I had with the Warranty process and now they trying to charge me for something it should be cover by the warranty,Linda forward my issue to Paul who offered me to pay half of the cost for the Inconvenience I been thru.I denied his offer and I told him look the laptop doesn't have a crack on the screen or its damaged if Sony Doesn't want to repair it I may have to go court to have them pay for the repair and court's cost. I even I e-mailed him pictures on the Laptop the Invoice from the private technician that Repaired the laptop and he put on the invoice the damaged on the screen it was not for physical damaged it was for something internal and damaged the liquid Layer,Today he left me a voice message saying his supervisor won't give ok tpo reimburse me my expenses and the repair had to be done by Sony.So thats why I'm reporting this Misleading Action done by Sony and I may have to take legal action against them to get my money back.
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