Thread: PRS-T1 Sony service is a joke.
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Cool Sony service is a joke.

Today I tried to get some help from Sony Tech Support. It took me about an hour of searching before I even found the number. I called and got a heavily accented operator named Bryan. He asked me to shut my device down using the Shutdown menu. I explained that my device was in a boot loop and couldn't be shut down. Then he had me try to start it using the reset / power combination;that didn't work either. After doing this thee times (Each after 2 hours of charge time), he finally gave up he told me about my service options. Option 1: take a refurb, Option 2: Take my unit back after repair. Well, he looked up my account and found that my warranty ran out on Dec 27, '12. OK, I asked him about out of warranty options. He told me that if I took the refurb unit, it would be $99. OK I sort of expected that. I asked about repairing mine and sending it back to me. Well, that would b $99,too. I love my PRS-T1, but I'll look for a used device at about $50. I've seen 'em. They are out there, or I just might learn to like my Nook Color as a reader.
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