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Yep, fixed

Thanks for your diligent work and documentation here Chaley! I seem to have gotten my setup working, at least for now, using essentially your steps above. I had forgotten that when I got the Fire (about 6 months ago), I also got a micro sd card, and set the Fire to save books on the card. So the folder I needed was there on the card. Ironically, the card has a level-one "Books" folder, but the place I needed was /storage/sdcard1/Android/data/<huge string of characters>/. There are hundreds of folders full of the bits and pieces you described above. There are a couple of PRC files that have names corresponding to books, but 99% of the file names are just huge strings of random characters. (This explains why I wasn't able to find my Amazon-gotten ebooks using the search function of TotalCommander Android!)

Anyway, I changed the CC settings so that MOBI files would be put in the above-mentioned folder. It took a few minutes to copy them over, but now it seems to work. I restarted the Fire to make sure everything "stuck." I synced-over a bunch of MOBIs from Calibre and they do show up in the Fire's book browser and the 'recent' list. The last-read positions are remembered. Joy! I browsed to that folder again using TotalCommander. It still contains the Fire-generated folders with the horrible huge random character names. It also, now, contains my hundred or so MOBI files synced from Calibre over that last 6 months. I'm guessing that there are probably a few new random-character-named folders the are holding the "last-read" position of my CC books as well.

Fingers crossed. Moving forward. Thanks again!
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