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Originally Posted by DiapDealer View Post
I set up a VM of the latest PCLinuxOS (KDE Desktop) and can reproduce the problem. Sigil hasn't closed on me yet, but it locks up tight (and I can see the empty space you refer to after the drop).

Console output at the time shows:
Trying to construct an instance of an invalid type, type id : xxxxxxx
My guess is that something in their custom Qt theme has broken something. The theme makes Sigil match the OS's overall look) We had something similar happen with installing/running plugins under KDE.

I'll have to do some digging, but that's a weird one. In the meantime, I have verified that the stand-alone installer I created for Sigil v0.9.8 on Linux works fine on that system if you want to try it. It won't look as pretty, but it does function as expected.

The thread about it can be found here.

Instead of "sudo", the command to install on your system would be something like:
su -c "./Sigil-vX.X.X-Linux-x86(_64)"
... provided you want to install Sigil system-wide (into /opt). Otherwise you can run it without "su" to install Sigil to your home directory.

In either case, I highly recommend uninstalling the current repository version of Sigil first.

There was an issue with icons disappearing when reordering files in the Book Browser (on Linux and on Windows), that was fixed shortly after the release of 0.9.8. Perhaps that same bug-fix will remedy this issue. If so, it will make it into the next release of Sigil.
Thanks again DiapDealer. Either way, there may be a solution. So thanks.
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