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Calibre -> Android/Aldiko, covers for epub not showing in device


So I've been using Calibre's "Send to device" function to manage and send my ebook collection to my Android device, which consists of both EPUB (Aldiko) and PDF (Adobe Reader), but that's for another discussion.

The problem is that certain items in my EPUB collection do not have their cover image files imported into my Android device, which means that in Aldiko there are no covers displayed for those items. All of them are .jpg files at or under 500 pixels length on my Desktop side of things (dunno if that has any impact), but it's kind of random which cover files are imported into my device's SD card and which ones aren't. Any help would be welcome.

PS: On another note, I really hope for this feature to be coming soon. I've been using Calibre to organize/manage/import my stuff that includes both PDF and EPUB files, and it'd be nice to specify different folders for the different formats when importing onto my Android device (so I can point my 2 different readers into the corresponding locations).

Or I suppose another way is to ask the makers of Aldiko for some kind of preliminary PDF support for organization.
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