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InkBox for Sony E-Readers Porting Attempt

Hi All,

Weíre trying to port InkBox to other devices like the Sony E-Readers if you have any information on Sonyís hardware to get a Linux kernel up and running please contact me in this Discord Channel

So far we got the Kernel compiling from Sony sources

The PRS-T1 is similar to the Kobo Touch N905A/B (Not C) and Nook Simple.
Processor is an NXP MX508 which InkBox is already ported to.

The current issue is the watchdog timer resets the device during U-Boot and our uImage is too large.

If anyone knows how to prevent this let me know. The size issue stems from building busybox into the uImage (3.2MB) without busybox itís normally 2.2MB.

I would like to thank @JPA for their UART information and SD image as this helped me get my corrupted eMMC out of the equation and things booting from the SDCard.

Iíve mind dumped everything so far that we have tried in the discord channel if anyone wants some haphazard fumbling reading material.

If you know things about U-Boot / watchdogs / i2c / mx508 / old kernels ( please tell me whatís up!

There are a few other projects found that do similar things. Iíve tried to contact the creators but they seem lost to time.
This almost compiles. It is supposed to spit out a final flashing image called prstux.img instead just something called final_root.tar seems like it itís missing the kernel compiling portion of the script.
Got stuck in vagarent build issues.
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