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Originally Posted by DuckieTigger View Post
It tells me that this thread is highly interesting. It started out as if it would hold some factual value in the beginning. Turned out it was even more valuable considering the amount of entertainment. Unfortunately for you, it was probably at your expense. Fortunately for me, it was free of charge.
Thanks DT,

I’ve never been one to shy away from a good stoush and I know how to cop it sweet for the first few smacks at least, having been married a couple of times now!

It started out as what I thought was a fairly simple query and people naturally filled in their own blanks, fair enough. I just wanted to know if any of the gurus knew a rough number so I wouldn’t fall foul in future coz Amazon had been struck down mute to my query ….. at the same time letting every one else know that “Unlimited” was really only 3 digits at best. And the rest is now History ……..

Originally Posted by DuckieTigger View Post
More relevant for the discussion at hand I have a rhetorical question for you. Why would you go through the pain of borrowing 250(*) titles with KU in batches of 10 if you only skimmed to see if they are worth reading at a later time? Couldn't you have simply gotten the samples instead? Or skim the samples with the "look inside" feature?
If it was really rhetorical, you wouldn’t be wanting an answer but I get your meaning…..

Easy enough. Just do a search of any middle of the road KU subject and you’ll get anything from 2 pages to 400 pages. Many won’t have a review to guide you and when you look in the quick view, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a TOC and a few introductory pages, with the “interesting” stuff being out of range. That’s if the TOC isn’t simply a I, II, III, IV, V with no descriptors. And the crappier titles are just leads to a sales pitch.

The “samples” are usually not much better than teasers at best.

I was looking for specific stuff (it would take a couple of pages to explain - then I’d get even more questions, judgements etc) but needless to say it was shotgun approach stuff, with the help of a local shiraz or 2 to help mellow me, I just pointed and clicked …….

By way of example again let me use recipe books. You want the world’s best burger, pizza, bread, sushi etc, whatever. There’s no way that you could keep the just 10 recipe books allowed on your Kindle “Unlimited” shelf.

So whaddya do? You binge, mark the books that have that interesting Wagyu meat patty, the genuine Neapolitana pizza sauce, that no knead sourdough recipe in it. And you go back to them when you want, just as it is explicitly provided for in the KU TOS.

You DON’T want to have read the flamin’ Alice Spring’s Vegemite and Honey Shrimp cocktail recipe or the famous Scottish Haggis and Herring Pizza pie before you can even access the next book!! That’s just silly.
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