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Tried to register again last night. Failed. Previously I tried Forgot Password and used my mobile phone as the ID, when the website asked for the code, the texted code failed. Tried that again last night but this time gave my new email address. Code was sent to a gmail address. This code worked. I was in. I could see the Kindle Cloud Reader and the one book. Fine. I looked for a way to register the Fire. No good. I disconnected and tried logging in. Failed again. So, something fails that way.

I may have gotten someone in Cambodia angry. I was an early subscriber to buying a Koompi linux laptop before they were shipping. Elections there came. Hard ass head of state. Suppression of opposition not unlike Turkey or Venezuela. The laptop team salesman was aggressively trying to friend me on FB. I didn't like his tone. We couldn't agree on money transfer, I wanted Paypal or wire from my bank or bitcoin. He wanted, what was it, Telegram? I canceled the order. Later I got emails from hundreds of BBS's in Asia, Russia, all over asking to confirm. Password resets on websites I use continue to this day (6 months). Just this morning, Coinbase. Koompi computer buys parts from China. I suspect they turned my email address over to a professional, government, hacker, Cambodian or Chinese.

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