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Thank you for this, jscris, it's invaluable.

Originally Posted by jscris View Post
Is it possible to get to google play in the browser and log in there to download?
The browser just won't let me download. And if I try logging into my amazon account (Jotterpad is on there too), I can find it, but the actual Jotterpad page on amazon comes up as 'Webpage not available'. I think it must be something to do with the on-board browser or the OS?

Originally Posted by jscris View Post
Amazon may also have it and the Amazon app store should install on the InkBOOK.
The Amazon app loads on the InkBook fine, lets me get to the app... then says 'Purchasing apps and games isn't supported on this version of the Amazon Shopping app' - on various different versions of the app.

Originally Posted by jscris View Post
Did you check the Midiapolis app store for jotterpad?
After finally figuring out how to get the Midiapolis app store to run, it does have it. And I downloaded it... but I still have the same problem as before: I can run Jotterpad, but when I click 'Addons', and then 'Purchase', for the Jotterpad 'Creative Bundle', the purchase button flashes... and then does nothing.

I'll write to 2 App Studio to see if they can help me activate the creative bundle, but in the meantime any other advice gratefully received.
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