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Originally Posted by Starson17 View Post
Which series entry would you sort on when you sorted by series? Which value would you use for the filename when Save to Disk had series in the template? For readers and programs that use single valued series, which would you put in there? When editing metadata and assigning multiple selected books to a series, what would you do with the multiple listed series? Delete one and keep others? Delete the first only? Delete all? Keep all and add the new one?
Good questions. Rather than address each question separately, I'll briefly elaborate on my idea and see if it helps address the issues you brought up. The group of series could have an assigned 'Primary' checkbox. You'd simply check the series that trumps the others. The primary entry could be used for Save to Disk, NextInSeries Indexing, etc. Editing multiple books in a series could affect the primary entry. All other entries could be considered the 'shortcut/ghost' entries I am suggesting.

By the way, I reposted this suggestion in a new thread as it seemed a bit off topic from where this thread was moving. Maybe we could move the discussion there instead. You should be able to find a link in my profile.
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