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Xournal port for R2.0

I started a new thread to post updates of Xournal for Firmware R2.0. See here for the previous posts.

See the \Programs\_xournal\ReadMe.txt for installation/usage/issues.

NOTE: The location for the config settings has changed in version 0.5 from internal flash to the SD-card. Click on Programs->Install->copyXournalConfig.desktop to copy the old config settings to the new location.

QUICK-HELP: Unzip the zip file ( to your SD-card (Mac users be carefull, there are programs that (re)move the content of existing folders. The files of the zip files should be added to the folders, or overwrite existing files). If used for the first time (or whenever the firmware is updated) run : Programs->Install->installXournalExtensions.desktop.

Patches (Xournal-dr-0.8a/b/c/d) need to be unzipped after installing the full-release. They only overwrite some file(s).

This version can be used for both DR1000 and DR800 (although I only tested it on my DR1000).

- Check if file exists in Save and add to database if needed
- Do not generate an empty first page for Import-Only
- Give a different name to imported annotated files to prevent overwrite 
- Use a bigger dialog to select new pdf file when file has been moved
- Report corrupt auto-save file
- change colors of the pens
- Only draw inside 'printable' area
- Allow comma in directories
- Patch to create smaller scrollbars
- Add option to only import/show pages that have annotation
- Added some experimental icons to the toolbar (only works with Mackpatch)
- Make sure config folder exists
- Add label-functionality
- Update screen-refresh behaviour
- Add command line options to indicate 'Import Annotations' and 'Import only Annotations'
  This will be used by future version of MackxPatch (P9 and higher).
- fix problem with text-items that did not work anymore.
- fix problem with rotation handling.
- fix problem with 'recogniser'-updates.
- The last page is now saved when a file is closed.
- Using sysSetBgBusy/sysResetBgBusy to prevent sleep mode (idle) of the device. This improves
  handling of big documents.
- Some minor bug fixes from the original distribution are taken over.
- Key processing changed: 
  - focus is restored to the 'canvas' more at more occasions
  - holding middle on one side (L/R) and taping on up/down on the other side jumps to first/last page
- Screen update mechanism changed, using the new display_control-functions. The screen is now much less
  often updated leading to a better writting experience.
- Disable multidoc, now clicking on xournal-shortcut again will bring running xournal-instance to front.
- Properly closing metadata.db file after importing scribbles
- Add .xoj file with tag:xournal and .pdg with tag:book
- fast updates in xournal-statusbar lead to no updates at all, now using timer
- Further improvements to handling large files
- Experimental menu option to use non anti-aliased canvas, to speed up screen refreshes
  Note that the new settings is only activated after a restart of xournal!
- Moved config settings from internal flash to SD-card (/Programs/_config)
  Use: Programs->Install->copyXournalConfig.desktop to copy your old settings to the new location
- Detect Encrypt-tag and handle document by rendering each page.
- Make rendered pages 1024 pixels wide
- Use ipc_menu_busy_show to avoid suspend of DR
- Improved handling of non PDF 1.4 files. (Each page is rendered, this takes long time!)
- Improved handling of large files, feedback in statusbar, seems to stall, pressing menu helps ...
- Added initial version of notes import
- Using memory-mapped-files for pdf to improve handling of large files (not yet to my satisfaction)
- Improvement to showing a Xournal-tab in the taskbar (DR1000).
- Exported and Saved files are added to global.db and thus shown after closing Xournal.
- Version number is now up-to-date
- W.r.t. the previous version that was released for the R2.0 beta, importing of annotations has been fixed.
Please post your remarks and suggestions.

PS: I also added the source code ( in case anyone want to add their own improvements. See Bitbucket for the latest code.
PS2: I added patch-files with a new version of the xournal executable. They solve several problems discussed in the messages below. First install 0.8 (if not yet done) then copy 0.8d over it.
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