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Originally Posted by Mackx View Post
I updated the first message with a new version of Xournal with:
- Improved handling of non PDF 1.4 files.
When the pdf-file can not be parsed, each page is rendered. (This can take a long time!)
The resolution of the rendered pages, might be too low, I still have to look how to get it at a fixed resolution.
- Improved handling of large file,
Feedback in statusbar
With very big files the DR seems to stall, pressing menu helps ... but not always and then the DR freezes and you need a reset.
So make sure that the files you annotate are not too big <30MB (guess)
I did not get any feedback on the Notes-import feature from the previous release, is anyone using it?

Dear Mackx, dear all,

I have been upgrading/downgrading firmware for several times. Each update of the system or Xournal challenges me to try. Unfortuantely 1.71 is still the best stable version, specially for the Xournal point of view:
- 1.71 supports larger file than 2.0 with adequate latest Xournal 9
- faster running, faster opening the file, faster inserting new page, faster screen refreshing

0.4 Xournal looks more stable than previous one. After some time while system looks to freeze it helps to press the menu button or tab to folder tab and tab back. That will refresh the screen and see if the activity in xournal is done.
Export to pdf with the status bar looks fine, but some files are still not exported well.
Import notes works fine.

I just wish that new Xournal with the firmware 2.0 be at least comparable to Xournal 9 and firmaware 1.71.
That, together with recent files help me to decide to keep using 1.71.

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