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World largest 19" flexible ePaper from LG Display

Hottest IT issue now in Korea is the announcement of the World Largest Flexible ePaper by LG Display.

It's announced yesterday at Seoul. LG Display claimed for the development of 19" ePaper, yet as flexible as X-ray film. The 0.3 mm thin layer backed up with thin foil and TFT array made this display flexible. LG Display successfully debuted at 2010 CES through Skiff reader, which got immediate attention. Same technology is used for the Skiff reader. LG Display is going to start to have mass production of 11.5" display for Skiff reader during the first and second quarter of this year.

19" display is 8 times bigger than 6" like Kindle, PRS-505. The applications of this size of ePaper may be in various fields, not only for new paper reader, but for flexible advertisement panel. With this flexibility, this can go to the round surface.

Impact on eReader? It's hard to predict. It's interesting concept that can hold tabloid size of material, but portability may LARGELY limited by THAT size. It will be great, however, to use as newspaper reader for your own living room. Who knows?

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