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Talking Spreadsheet Dysexlia!

Neko was kind enough to give me a page on her wiki to develop the spreadsheet for the reader evaluation matrix. However, the only spreadsheet I have used, ever, is the one on my Palm Pilot and I have to read the manual first to do anything -- every time. So I decided that if I am to break something, it is better that I break Google than Neko's wiki. Therefore I opened a Google Docs account and made it publically viewable. I think the spreadsheet is a good approach, but I think I will need help. I have worked for a while to get the title on this spreadsheet and all I have accomplished is a headache.

You can edit it if you like. Send me a PM and I will add your email address to the permissions list on the site. I will work on this as my tolerance for frustration permits, but it may be slow.

My intent is to take criteria from the top post in this thread and place them in the first column. The top section would be criteria that are deemed objective -- that is, important to everyone and not arguable. The bottom half would contain subjective criteria. The user would rate features in this section according to desireability. So the second column would contain the weighting factor for that particular criterion which would be used in calculating the score for each reader. The spreadsheet can be exported so anyone can adapt it to a special purpose.

The top row shoud be the title. The second row would contain column headers for each reader type.

As you can see, I am stuck on entering the title.

Update: I managed to get row and column headers in place. headache is gone. I have not attempted any formulae. Please feel free to add or change whatever you like.
Update: The UI for the Google Spreadsheet is quite nice. There is plenty of help on the site. I find I can figure out most things. I do not have any formulae in the sheet yet, so updating is still quite fast. This utility has versioning, so I don't have to worry too much about making a mistake. Follow the link here to view the reader evaluation matrix. Send me a PM so you can get added to the list of permitted modifiers.

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