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PRS-505 display quality deteriorates in sun


I'm the very happy owner of a new PRS-505. By the way, it is sold over the counter in Norway now, by Digital Impuls.

It's about 25 degrees in the shade here these days, and while reading in the sun yesterday I noticed that after 10-20 minutes with constant sunlight the black pixels were getting brighter, as it were. The default font was getting harder to read as the outer pixels (they are antialiased, I think) were slowly getting whiter, making the text appear "thinner".

I felt the screen, and it was rather warm, much like any object left in direct sunlight for over 20 minutes. The reader was in the standard leather cover, with the sun shining directly on it. the back side of the reader was also rather hot. My model has the dark blue finish, so I guess it heats up faster than the silver model.

After keeping it in the shade for a few minutes it was back to normal.

Anyone else noticed this? I love reading while sunbathing etc, so this is a bit of a disappointment for me

EDIT: Discovered the other thread on this. Unable to delete message. Apologies ensue.

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