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PANDORA'S GENES Sci Fi romance/adventure

Special promo today for award-winning sf romance-adventure PANDORA’S GENES. Named “best new sci fi” in 1986 by Romantic Times; Locus Recommended List same year. From a review:

“In the late 21st century, all modern technology has been destroyed, a consequence of using genetically-engineered bacteria to clean up a massive oil spill. The microbes consumed all petroleum-based products, including plastics, and released germ warfare materials as the stoppers on test tubes dissolved.

Against this backdrop, an unusual love triangle emerges, with the young scientist, Evvy, at its center. In Lance's depiction of the messianic movement called the Traders, religious zealots who condemn all science as anti-God, you hear echoes of today's anti-evolution,anti-climate science religious-political movements. A must-read.

Download PANDORA’S GENES for free today, April 15, on Kindle:
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