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Originally Posted by ZodWallop View Post
Right now a Fire HD10 runs right at his price ($150).

I can't badmouth the Fire's hardware, but I hate, hate, hate the launcher (which can no longer be changed, last I checked) and the ads on the sleep screen.

Yeah, typically, the Lenovo Tabs are 1280X800 and the Lenovo Tab Pluses are 1920X1200 (the same as the fire HD, but the price is higher).
Thank you both! I surveyed the XDA independent development forum threads and was surprised at how much is going on (or was, at one point) with Amazon Fires. And I totally agree that the 10 is a steal compared to other Android tablets with the same specs.

I really have to review what the state of firmware "updates" (read: attempts to limit customer options) because of the nature of the materials I read--if they've done what they did to my PaperWhite, then it's pretty much a no go.

Anyway, going to review what's going on and will report back on what I find in terms of the most "moddable" devices: looks like Samsung leads the pack--don't know whether that's just because of their dominance of the market or because they refrain from anti-jailbreak measures (like OnePlus and Google have, generally speaking, but which would be weird, cuz I'm fairly certain Samsung tend to block development on their phones). Also, Xiaomi and other Chinese brands are reliably hackable.

Anyway, I'll post what I find here; maybe it can help others out.

Thanks for your help
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