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tamole has learned how to buy an e-book online
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Eureka! I've been whining loudly about not being able to find a Droid epub ereader app that supports autoscroll. Today I discovered that the ereader app does support epub books as well as pdb ebooks. You will have to remove the DRM first and there are tools for doing that found elsewhere on this forum (just do a search). It's a bit complicated, but once you set it all up, it's easy. I'm not a programmer and I was able to do it. You may have to purchase a book from to unlock the app, I don't know because I already own about 400 books I purchased from them before Barnes and Noble bought them and moved all the good titles to their website. But the app is free. Then you can use Calibre ebook converter to add metadata (book info) if you want, or just install the DRM free version as is. The chapters will show up in your eReader directory as separate files, but they are linked when you open the book. Color me happy at last!
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