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confused about version numbers

I must say i find this all rather confusing.

The "stable" link from the Kobo install page points to the old 2015 release.

The download link from the homepage leads to the GitHub release page which *also* links releases named "nightly" except they are not really nightly releases - time intervals vary between 2 weeks and a month or two.

The "nightly" links from the Kobo install page point to the nightly build page, but then the filenames are like v2015.11-1416-gb37ae2d which seem to be from November 2015 too, except the incremental number (and date column) seem to show those are actually newer releases. Those also bleed into the Koreader user interface itself and at first glance the user may think there's not really a more recent update pending... That was my first reaction when i tried to see if there was an update.

How about we forget about November 2015 and generate real time-stamp-based release numbers, if we're going to be time-based only?

Also, for vocabulary I'd suggested dropping the "stable" vs "development" keywords in the UI. It seems like everything is "development" these days (which is fine too!). I would instead use channels named "release" or "tagged" and "nightly", ie. distinguish between manually and automatically released material. "manual" vs "automatic" doesn't have such a nice ring though.

It would be great to get that naming consistent across the documentation litterature and user interface, and get date tags that match the actual release date, whether it is a automatic (aka nightly) or release (aka stable) package...
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