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Originally Posted by ProDigit View Post
the side bar becomes more sensitive over time, as the springs lose tension.
I generally use the bottom left buttons only for flipping pages.
the 4way for menu structure
the flip bar only when my wife is sleeping in bed, and I don't want to annoy her with clicking sounds
Does the Jetbook allow the left and right arrow keys to change pages as well? I had a look at the Jetbook manual and it didn't mention it but it also looks like they haven't updated a lot of the info there in some time. i.e... I saw places where the docs said that it will only take up to a 2 gig SD card which we know is very old info. What Firmware version are you using?.. I believe the one shown on the site was v3.5 but that also appears to be well over a year old. I read that you can switch bewteen Jetbook and Libre Pro Firmware. I like the Jetbook screens better but I don't know if it's worth attempting the change or not and I like the idea of more page turn options.
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