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Okay, stuck again.

Here's the problem. Editing an EPUB in Sigil or otherwise seems to wreck Adobe's obfuscated embedded fonts, at least as far as ADE is concerned. So I downloaded an open source Japanese font (Hanazono) and embedded it manually by just dragging the (18.5MB) font file into Sigil.

This worked fine--I can edit the stylesheet all I want and it still loads perfectly in ADE and everything else I test it on. However, now the EPUB file is enormous. So I want to subset the font. I tried using the glyphIgo script which I found on this forum, but it didn't work: it only saw unicode in the latin range in my EPUB, despite the presence of Japanese characters.

Has anyone gotten that script to work? Any ideas for subsetting the Japanese font without having InDesign mangle it? Thanks again.
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