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Joyce, James: Complete Works | v.12.0 | Update 8 Apr 2018

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This volume collects the complete writings of James Joyce (wikipedia). I was unhappy with the available versions and tried to find/make better ones in order to really give them the ‘feel’ of a book, worthy of this greatest of all writers (only my humble opinion!).
It has the seven books published in Joyce’s lifetime, and three sections of posthumously published writings: the poems, the essays, and additional prose. I have given, if possible, the dates when they were written.
I have thoroughly checked and corrected the formatting of each text by comparing them to the print editions. All those often ‘misbehaving’ <pre>-classes have been replaced, adequate formats were assigned to poems, quotes, subtitles, section breaks, etc. So you can easily change things there if you prefer it differently. There’s one caveat, though: The graphic designer in me may have taken over for the layout of the title pages. It looks nice on my reader in size S, but might have an less-than-ideal appearance for other readers and font sizes. If complaints about this get too numerous, I can simplify it. But I hope you like the covers for each of the sections, using facsimiles of Joyce’s manuscripts.
I’ve included fonts in the epub, in part because I don’t like my reader’s standard font, but also for smallcaps and irregular characters in the books (rotated letters, Greek, Doodles, etc.). If you change it back to the regular font, the texts may look strange in some places (You should at least keep the sigla font).
To make navigation through the collection easier, each book/section has its own table of contents. I’ve added links at the end of every text/chapter which bring you back to the respective table of contents. At the end of each of these tables a link leads to the main contents table.

Here are some specifics on the changes made:

This version uses dashes instead of inverted commas for the dialogue and has the italics that are missing in some versions. I’ve also checked all the section breaks within the stories.

The emphasised phrases are in italics now instead of upper case letters found elsewhere.

The indented lines of the poems have their own classes instead of blank spaces and could be easily changed at once if you prefer it differently.

The speakers in the play are in small caps instead of upper case letters, which should be more comfortable to read.

The people over at Gutenberg’s intend to correct their version according to the 1922 edition of Ulysses. I haven’t quite understood if they really have a copy of it to compare it to, so I went with something completely different hidden in a corner of the internet:
Jorn Barger of robotwisdom-fame just wanted to fix the typos in the online editions, but in the end he made a completely new edition in 2000 by comparing them to the Gabler ‘corrections’ and trying to find the best solutions. You can find annotations for all of his changes on his website.
So, images are now included, headings in the Aeolus episode and speakers in the Circe episode are in smallcaps, and the question/answer bits in the Ithaca episode have been regrouped. (see updates v.5.0 and v.11.3)

This was the hardest one, obviously. As I wanted to stay true to the original formatting, based on the 1975 Faber edition, this Wake comes with an extra stylesheet.
I have used—as everyone else—the digitalisation of the Trent University, but with all of the currently 196 mistakes corrected that are listed on fweet. I have carefully eliminated the hyphenation, but kept the pagination intact to make finding things easier, and all the images have been restored.
The meanest part was chapter II.2. Every digital edition I found ignored that the chapter is arranged in three columns with footnotes, with the notes in the outer margins required to be aligned with specific phrases in the center column. It’s impossible to do this perfectly for epubs, where the text needs to refloat depending on the chosen font size, but I’ve tried my best, and have come up with something readable in three columns with active footnotes. It works best with a smaller font size, my Sony PRS-350 shows the chapter adequately in size S. (see v.2.0-update)

Listed chronologically, this section contains every poem from the two available poem collections. At the moment, infos on when they were written are still missing for a few poems, this will be corrected in a future update.

Again listed chronologically, this section contains the essays and articles from “The Critical Writings” and “Occasional, Critical, and Political Writing”, and the rare essay “A Portrait of the Artist” from 1904.

This has the minor prose works published posthumously: The “Epiphanies” from 1904, the fragment of “Stephen Hero”, “Giacomo Joyce”, and “The Cat and the Devil”. (see updates v.2.0 and v.4.0)

Contains all three volumes of his letters, plus the new and restored ones from the Selected Letters (see v.3.0, v.7.0, and v.10.0 updates).

No, of course it’s not. I couldn’t find the letters, I think they haven’t been digitalised yet (please contradict me here!), and there are some poems missing, mentioned in Penguin’s “Poems and Exiles” without specifying their titles. Also, the “Fragments from Work In Progress” are not included—yet. If I can find any of the missing items, I will update this volume.

Next month I will have an deluxe update with four of the five “Fragments from Work In Progress”, that were published in very limited book editions around 1930 and contained early versions of chapters from “Finnegans Wake”. These are my holy grail: I’ve been waiting for twenty years to hold them in my hands and was finally successful in a library. I was able to take photos and am currently converting them to digital text, which isn’t available anywhere else. (see updates)

It took weeks to compile this ebook and work through the texts. I hope I have succeeded in making this the best and most reliable digital edition available. So if you see any mistakes or texts missing that I haven’t mentioned, please don’t hesitate to send me a PM and I’ll try to do what I can.


Deluxe Update | v.2.0 | 26 May 2012
This collection now contains the announced “Fragments from Work In Progress”: Very limited book editions of earlier versions of chapters/stories from Finnegans Wake published in the early 1930s. You’ll find the texts of “Anna Livia Plurabelle”, “Two Tales of Shem and Shaun”, “Haveth Childers Everywhere”, and “The Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies” in the “Other Writings” section.
Additionally, I have completely reformatted the doomed chapter from Finnegans Wake. I thought it wasn’t possible do this flawlessly for epubs, but now everything looks like intended.
Also, about 15 new errors from the fweet-website have been corrected as well as some minor mistakes in Dubliners, Portrait, and the first section of Ulysses, which I have read in the meantime.
For people who want to try their luck converting this to mobi, I have added a TOC-entry in the OPF file for the main table of contents.

Update | v.2.1 | 19 Jun 2012
I’m through with reading Ulysses and have corrected some minor mistakes, as well as about 50 errors from the fweet-website. Additionally, I have slightly changed the layout of Exiles for a more common appearance.

Update | v.2.2 | 22 Aug 2012
Raphael from has finished proofreading Finnegans Wake. So here’s an update with the last 50 corrections.

Update | v.3.0 | 7 Oct 2012
I’m proud to annouce that this edition now contains the very rare and long out of print Volume 1 of James Joyce’ letters (edited by Stuart Gilbert, Faber & Faber, 1957). Fonts for Gaelic and Greek characters have been added and the Sigla font has been updated for more special characters.

Update | v.4.0 | 28 Oct 2012
I’ve added three more fragments from Finnegans Wake that were published in magazines in the 1920s: early versions of chapters II.4 (in Ford Madox Ford’s the transatlantic review N°4 from 1924, the first publication ever of a text from the Wake, known as “Mamalujo”), III.2 and III.3 (in Eugene Jolas’ transition N°13 and N°15 from 1928/29). The first text comes from the robotwisdom site, the other two I transcribed from scans of the original magazines.

Update | v.5.0 | 11 Nov 2012
I have added the text of the 1922 first edition of Ulysses as a second version, with page numbers also serving as links between the two to allow comparisons. The text comes from wikisource and has been formatted to resemble the original layout.

Update | v.6.0 | 15 Dec 2012
As announced, here’s Version 6 with early drafts for three chapters from Ulysses (‘Proteus’, ‘Cyclops’, and ‘Circe’) and very early ‘vignettes’ from 1923/24 that would later be part of Finnegans Wake (‘Roderick O’Conor’, ‘Saint Kevin’, ‘Berkeley and Patrick’, ‘Tristan and Isolde’, ‘H.C.E.’, ‘Mamalujo’, ‘The Cad Kernel’, and ‘The Revered Letter’). Links to where these texts appear in FW are provided.

Update | v.6.1 | 4 Feb 2013
I could get my hands on a print copy of the Critical Writings, so I fixed dozens of spelling mistakes and improved its formatting. And about 50 more mistakes from have been corrected in FW, too (unwanted spaces before exclamation marks, mostly.).

Update | v.7.0 | 10 Mar 2013
I have added the rare and out of print Volumes 2 & 3 of James Joyce’ letters (edited by Richard Ellmann, Faber & Faber, 1966), which I scanned and corrected myself, and merged them into one chronological sequence with the letters from Volume 1.

Update | v.7.1 | 10 Mar 2013
I forgot to modify the stylesheet for some extra classes in the Letters section. Which is now fixed.

Update | v.8.0 | 16 Apr 2013
I’ve added early versions of the first three chapters from Finnegans Wake that were published in transition N° 1, 2, and 3 in 1927, transcribed from scans of the original magazines.

Update | v.9.0 | 6 Oct 2013
Added early versions of three more chapters from Finnegans Wake, that were published in transition N° 4, 6, and 7 in 1927, and corrected some mistakes from

Update | v.9.1 | 8 Oct 2013
There was a problem with Sony devices that is fixed now.

Update | v.10.0 | 9 Mar 2014
Updated with 9 new and 25 restored letters from Selected Letters of James Joyce, ed. Richard Ellmann, The Viking Press 1975.

Update | v.11.0 | 8 Jun 2014
Added three more early versions of chapters from Finnegans Wake, published in transition N° 5, 8, and 12 in 1927/28.

Update | v.11.1 | 8 Jun 2014
There was—again—a problem with Sony devices that is fixed now.

Update | v.11.2 | 31 Aug 2014
Proofed Chamber Music and Pomes Penyeach against copies of the first editions, and Dubliners, Stephen Hero, and the Critical Writings against later editions and corrected hundreds of mistakes and variants. Details on the editions I used can be found after the respective tables of contents.

Update | v.11.3 | 5 Oct 2014
Proofed Ulysses against the Dover Publications facsimile of the first edition and corrected hundreds of mistakes and variants. Also, I have withdrawn the Barger version from this collection, which will reappear in a Variorum edition. (It’s here.)

Update | v.11.4 | 7 Dec 2014
Proofed Exiles against the 1921 Egoist Press edition, “Giacomo Joyce” and the “Epiphanies” against Poems and Shorter Writings, and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man against the ‘definitive’ text of the 1964 Viking Press edition. Hundreds of mistakes and variants were corrected.

Update | v.11.5 | 4 Jan 2016
Proofed the poems against Poems and Shorter Writings, Faber & Faber, London 1991. Hundreds of mistakes and variants were corrected.

Update | v.12.0 | 8 Apr 2018
Added the last six missing early versions of chapters from Finnegans Wake, published in transition N° 11, 18, 22, 23, 26, and 27.

Previous Download Count: 7735.
This work is assumed to be in the Life+70 public domain OR the copyright holder has given specific permission for distribution. Copyright laws differ throughout the world, and it may still be under copyright in some countries. Before downloading, please check your country's copyright laws. If the book is under copyright in your country, do not download or redistribute this work.

To report a copyright violation you can contact us here.
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