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Originally Posted by Pistos View Post
Hi. I haven't gotten a Kobo Touch yet, but will be very soon (tomorrow). I am primarily a Linux user, and would like to know in what ways the Kobo device and Kobo software can be used with Linux. I have Windows available, but would like to use that only as a last resort.

I understand that you can move generic ePubs and PDFs and such to the KT by treating the KT as a generic USB Mass Storage device (please correct me if I heard wrong on that). Not to mention using the SD card to transfer things to and from the KT.

Is the desktop software required for purchased/DRMed books? Can the desktop software be run via Wine? (I tried to install it, and it gave an error about USB) Is the Linux desktop client runnable under non-Debian distros (in my case, Gentoo)? I've been able to install Adobe Digital Editions with Wine.

Can the firmware be upgraded without the desktop software?

Anything else I need to know about what can and can't be done with Kobo and Linux?
As I was writing this, I see that a Kobo person already answered most of your questions, but let me include my experiences for you as well.

I just downloaded the Linux version of Kobo Desktop today, and it appears essentially the same as the Windows version, both are 2.0.3. I use Ubuntu, so I can't help you with Gentoo, but I have read in another post that Kobo Desktop does run via Wine (again, I can't help with the USB issue, other than to say that the other post about Linux and Kobo suggested that the Touch had to be connected before running Kobo Desktop.)

You can purchase books directly using Wifi with the Touch, no computer necessary. You can subscribe to Magazines and Newspapers using the Kobo website, and then sync the Touch using Wifi to load the publication to the Touch. You can download purchased Adobe DRM epubs from the Kobo website as well, and then transfer to the Touch using Adobe Digital Editions. You can "borrow" books from Libraries also using Adobe, and transfer to the Touch as well.

Firmware updates occur via Wifi on the Touch.

Basically you don't need the desktop software for anything -- except the initial setup of the Touch (which I did via Windows.)
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