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Originally Posted by dickloraine View Post
Concerning the rar issue: It should read cbr, but can't embed any metadata into it. Rar is not open source and only allows extraction without the rar program. You need to convert the cbr to cbz (just a zip).
It's definitely not reading cbr. When I try to import a cbr it gives me a message to the effect that it will be unable to read cbr files until I put in the pathway for the unrar program. When I do that, it just hangs while importing the cbr... even walked away for a while and came back thinking it just needed longer... it was still at 0% complete for importing the cbr.

I don't mind converting the cbr to cbz format. I understood from this process that both are just archives of jpeg files. Problem is, I can't seem to find a straightforward way to do it from all my Google searching. Jomic is a program that supposedly does it, but the program reads as "damaged" when I try to run it. There is another program called Unarchiver but this doesn't exactly covert them. It looks like I might have to individually unrar them and then zip them back which Unarchiver, which is painfully inefficient... another user also made mention of this issue from my internet searches.

For pil, try
pip install pil
This is what I got when I did that:

Collecting pil
Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pil (from versions: )
No matching distribution found for pil

It can batch import. Just select the comics on the right and on the toolbar click auto-tag.
To be clear, I can batch import the files into the program, but when I select them all and click Auto-Identify, it only identifies one of the selections. When I select them all and click Auto-Tag, it ends up finding no matches and tags none of them. It's very strange, like it can only do the job properly one at a time.

I'm reading the online user manual for the program. I wonder if the problem with Auto-Tag is that there are multiple Avengers series of comic books? I'm using an exact name match for the series in the file name... don't know how else to get it to see the correct series.

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