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PRS-650 - Default Sort order

Hi - first posting. Having lurked a bit it seems that there are some very well informed people on this forum. Hope you can help.

Just got the PRS-650 after a happy 4 months using the 600. Mainly seduced into upgrading because of the screen. It's what I wanted and what should have been on the 600.

HOWEVER - I'm not that persuaded by the higly iconised interface. I've been able to make things much more text / list oriented with the menu options, but am very unhappy that there seems to be no way of setting a default list ordering to "By Author". I know this is just my way of seeing the world, but it's frustrating I don't seem to be allowed to fix this choice to a default setting.

Am I missing something? Is there any way of fixing this?

Thanks for suggestions.
Chris Tribble
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