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Originally Posted by gingercat View Post
I think it might work better to have the books in the BBeB contents and the chapters as links at the beginning of each book. Do you have a working HTML for what you have already done? I could re-format from where you have finished rather than starting all over again from the original txt files.

For some strange reason it crashes my reader when I try to change the font size - I'd like to look into that to find out why as well.

I have also begun to format the Messianic version of the WEB for the Sony Reader

It crashes my reader when I hit the size button as well. Which is too bad, I was really beginning to like this version. I wonder if it's a function of book length and font size - 6000+ pages for this version at the small font size.

It would be nice to have a non-crashing version with the current book (of the Bible) displayed in the footer.
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