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msr began at the beginning.
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I really like the display column for whether a book is linked or not.

Getting an out-of-index error (see below) when I try to download tags. Not sure where the error is likely to be (other than due to my plethora of shelves). Tried a couple of different linked books and get the same error each time.

calibre, version 0.7.48
ERROR: Unhandled exception: <b>IndexError</b>:list index out of range

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\Mike\AppData\Roaming\calibre\plugins\Goodreads\", line 3319, in download_tags
  File "site-packages\calibre\library\", line 200, in get_property
  File "site-packages\calibre\library\", line 211, in __getitem__
IndexError: list index out of range
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