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Thanks again for these, HarryT. I have a quick question for you. I have downloaded some other prc's from the site, and have followed your tutorial for converting them to your 'proper' format. They show up much, much nicer on the Kindle that way. I take the .prc, load it into BD where most of the editing has already been done, and then I add the page breaks, and other formatting (I add an author photo as per your tutorial from Wikipedia since any illustrations are stripped when I load it into BD). Then I do the text editing to replace the pagebreaks, remove the align=justify, and run it through Mobi Creator so the metadata is correct. Do you think that this is enough for me to re-up it, even though the bulk of the work was done by someone else? I'm just thinking that a lot of Kindle users would like the way it shows up as well. I could show screen shots if you want to see how bad it looks unless it's done your way, on the browser screen. It's awful.

Also, would you happen to know how I could make it so that when I open a Kindle book it starts directly at the cover? Right now they load up at the first chapter, bypassing the cover jpg and the title/author, and author jpg. I've tried a few things,but nothing works yet. You're far better at these programs than I am, although, thanks to your tutorials I'm getting better. Soon I'll be adding my own books, thanks to you.

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