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Angry Problem making EPUBS from WordPerfect (WPD) files

Product: Kobo Aura:
Firmware: N204B34305258:
Plugins: Don't know:
File types: WPD & EPUB:
On external SD: Yes:
Steps to reproduce:
  1. [* When trying to convert a WordPerfect WPD document using the HTML to EPUB method, the text and links are rendered correctly but it all of the hard page breaks vanish so the EPUB file is just one run-on document without chapter breaks.]
    [* The same thing occurs even when I use the WPD to E-DOC utility provided by Corel in WordPerfect 6X which does essentially what I have done above: WPD > HTML > EPUB.]
Current result: No chaper or hard page breaks.:
Using OpenOffice to convert the WPD file into an ODT file then processing it into an EPUB file using Calibre works for the page breaks but all the links to chapter heading have to be redone before Calibra will create a table of contents in the EPUB.:

This is the first bug report I have ever posted here so please forgive any noobie slip-ups.
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