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Hi guys,

Sorry if this has been posted before (I've searched but found nothing relevant), but I have the following issue: I want to create a template that will add the book series and index to the filename, but only if they exist. I mean someting like:

J Random Author - Single Book
J Random Author - Unrelated Book
J Random Author - Amazing Series 1 - I'm Doing a Trilogy, You Guys
J Random Author - Amazing Series 2 - It's Gonna Be Awesome
J Random Author - I Lost All My Inspiration

The bolded bits are what give me trouble. See, I've looked at the Python templating, and came up with these two options:

{authors} - {: $series - $series_index - }{title}
{authors} - {: %series - %series_index - }{title}

since that's what that page suggested. However, Calibre doesn't like either option, and my Python-fu is weak.

So, can anyone give me a pointer?

Thanks in advance

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